• Eastern Europe

    I (along with my sister) have backpacked across numerous cities in the hidden jewels of Europe - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary.
  • Western Europe

    My love for Europe has taken me there 3 times and I have backpacked in Western Europe and been to Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, that too on a commendable (tight) budget.
  • Cambodia

    I visited Siem Reap and Phnom Penh in Cambodia by chance, but fell in love with their culture, heritage, the local people and their handicrafts.
  • India

    I have lived in India all my life and have extensively traveled across numerous states namely Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, New Delhi and Punjab :) This massive country is diverse in many ways - culture, topography, language, people, food etc and a unique experience to discover these for yourself.
  • Singapore

    My best friend is based in Sinagapore and I have there 4 times over the last 3 years. Hence have a lot of local info and travel ideas for this place.
  • Italy

    I recently traveled to Northern Italy i.e. Venice, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Tuscany and Milan and discovered that Italy has a lot more to offer than just history and romance.
  • Switzerland

    I have explored Switzerland and discovered it has a lot more to offer than just a romantic getaway :)
  • Dubai

    I was in Dubai late last year and realised that there is so much more to Dubai than just shopping. It has its own unique culture, history, architecture and all that money can buy.
  • Hong Kong

    I have been to Hong Kong 4 times in the last 3 years and love its unique blend of East and the West and so many small things that are just Hong Kong.
  • Bangkok

    I have been to Bangkok and discovered quite a few hidden jewels of this city from amazing temples to flying in the air like a gibbon. :)

Relaxing Trip to Thailand with Mom

I'm going to Thailand for 9-10 days. I'm looking forward to see natural wonders, buddhist monasteries. Any adventures - boat rides, treks etc would also be nice. We are looking for a relaxed time- do not want to rush from one place to the other. Relaxation, nutritious food is the priority.. I would like to avoid shopping and certainly no sleazy neighborhoods.. Also note that I'm 36 and will be travelling with my 63 year old mom. we are both vegetarians. Budget is around Rs. 1.2 to 1.5 lakhs.

Top 5 Free Things to Do in Prague - on Aug 3 2013:

Prague is one of those beautiful cities that has no dearth in terms of options of things to see, do, experience, etc. Though not cheap as rest of Eastern Europe, it still has numerous sights and th..