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Sep 2013

Extended family reunion in Asia + Solo diving

Destination: Asia | Philippines 

Travel Ninja: Aravind Murali

Very helpful in planning our trip
★  ★  ★  ★  ★ 

I chose Aravind because he seemed to be the only Travel Ninja listed with diving expertise. I was planning a trip for a large and very indecisive group, as a result of which we had some rather complicated requirements. We didn't even know where in Asia we wanted to go and weren't keen to read through a half dozen guidebooks. So we turned to a Travel Ninja.

Aravind was very helpful and gave us some great advice, even as we kept changing our minds about what we wanted. At first I tried to do research in parallel, but found that every time he found the best places for us to stay so I stopped after a bit. We ended up going to the Philippines for this trip, but will be taking one of his other recommendations (Malaysia) next year for our annual family reunion. Thanks Aravind for your help in planning our trip!

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