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May 2014

Euro Trip

Destination: | Greece | Italy | Austria | Slovenia | Bavaria 

Travel Ninja: Prajwal Madhav

Excellent Eurotrip!
★  ★  ★  ★  ★ 

Hi Prajwal,

My name is Suhas, Harsha's friend. Harsha couldnt join us for the trip due to his work constraints in the last moment. So i am writing to you to share our experiences.

We (Rest of us who had gone for the trip) came back yesterday. Excited to say that everything was perfect, just the way we planned. We had a great time, we did almost everything possible, and covered all the activities listed under our itinerary. 

First week was a green treat, the Bavarian and the tirol countryside were treat to our eyes. Enjoyed driving through the alpine region.

Second week was more of adventure and adrenaline, Skydiving near Salzburg was just amazing, and the activities in Slovenian Bovec region was great fun too.

Third week, it was all sailing, sun and beaches. We did scuba diving and roamed around lot of beaches in Mykonos, crazy beach parties i must say. And spectacular Santorini.

To sum up, I am happy for the spectacular moments we had during our trip and happier for how smoothly the way things worked out according to the plan. Zero bitter moments and total paisa vasool. 

I thank your for helping us plan this epic trip. It was simply out of the world. Many thanks to you from each one of us who were part of the trip.

Suhas, Keerthan, Sathvick and Swaroop

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