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Northern Italy

Trip details:

We will be flying in and out of Milan, then train to Florence, then train to Venice, and back. Our accomodations are already booked and picked and im more interested in itnerary, dining, activites, etc.

The trip is May 25th arriving in Milan that afternoon and the rest as follows:

May 25: Milan

May 26: Milan

May 27: Milan

May 28: Milan to Florency by train in morning

May 29: Florence

May 30: Florence

May 31: Florence to Venice by train in very early morning arriving in Venice at 9am

June 1: Venice

June 2: Venice to Milan to depart


Mid range budget is fine. The group is 12 people in the mid20s to early 30s so nightlife if/when possible woudl be great also. But museum visits and at least one cooking class also is wanted. Also maybe a day trip to Cinque Terre while in Florence.

Thanks! Cant wait to work with you on the itinerary!

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Hey! By Stacy Vaz
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Stacy Vaz wrote:  

Let's get started! Can you please share a few details with me? If you would prefer not to share any personal details here, you can just email me at Please share your bookings so far. Alternatively, you can call me at +91-8087000764. Can you please let me know your name and where you are based as well?

I may not be able to respond immediately over the next two days as I am traveling myself. However, I'll respond regularly from the 25th onwards.

Thanks, Stacy

ybwt wrote:  

Hi. My name is Torri and we are based in Washington DC...US. 

Our hotels are as follows.

Milan: ibis Milano Centro

Florence: Hotel della Signoria

Venice:  Carnival Palace Hotel


Thanks again!

Stacy Vaz wrote:  

Hi Torri,

Thanks for your response and patience. I will start working on your itinerary today. Can you please give me three days to get quotations and then present the initial plan? We can then finetune it as we go along.

Since I've not been available for this initial period, I'll make myself available to you even after the 30 day period is over.

Thanks, Stacy

ybwt wrote:  

HI Stacy, 

Just following up on the quotations?



Stacy Vaz wrote:  

Hi Torri, So sorry that I haven't updated you yet. I'm still waiting for some quotations from a couple of suppliers

Can you give me an additional day? I'm hoping for some updates by tomorrow.. If not I'll just add whatever I have so far.

Thanks, Stacy

ybwt wrote:  

Tomorrow is fine! Thanks!

Link to Itinerary By Stacy Vaz
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Stacy Vaz wrote:  

Dear Torri,

Please open this link below:

This sheet contains an itinerary. Links to all the activities are given in the additional tabs. Activities includes the must-dos of each locations with options as well. Many of these can be done through self exploration but considering the size of your group, I would suggest that you book them in advance. Tickets for some of the museums get sold out quickly as well. In most of the links, you can book online itself. However, I would recommend contacting the operators as well to confirm due to the size of your group.

Hope this helps,


ybwt wrote:  

Hi Stacy,

Thank you so much for the info so far. Is it possible to get restuarant recommendations as well?

Stacy Vaz wrote:  

Hi Torri, yeah sure.. I'll add another tab in the same sheet.

Thanks, Stacy