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Hi Kaamna,

We are 4 people, myself with my wife and my parents (arounds 60 years old). We just have 2.5 days, we land there at 27th May noon and fly back on 30th Morining. So technically we have 2.5 days inclduing a jet lag if at all (given my parents age and the fact that I am traveling from the US).

Fooding is NOT at all important. The idea is to stay in London for the entire stretch and see all 'touristy' places :-). If there is something else that you find interesting please feel free to throw your ideas.

Does this work as a brief?

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Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan wrote:  

Hi Nimit, 

Given the short amount of time you have, I would suggest you focus on the highlights. If you guys are interested in history and the sights, you can do Westminister Abbey, the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square and the London Eye which will give you really spectacular views of London. 

If the weather is good, have a meal at Covent Garden, which is a very popular local and tourist desination. It's also in the theater district which is lovely to see, even if you can't catch a play. If you have time, watch Phantom or Les Mis, which are the classics. 

Where will you staying? 



Nihit Nirmal wrote:  

Hi Kaamna,

Thats true. I will not have too much time and therefore the scope of this exercise is limited. 

One objective would be to decide the peking order so that we dont miss important things for the unimportant ones. Also, basis this and the commute how do we move around. History is not so important, I think its more touristy trip where we pick the best things to do. If possible, gettting clicked with a sepoy/solider could be fun for my mom.

The items you suggested sounds good. Not sure if it would need the entire 2-2.5 days. I will be staying near Heathrow itself.

Also, we would be skipping Madam Tussad. 

I think lets plan for say a packed 3 day trip in a ranked order and then we pick what we like depending on what we can do.

Does that makes sense?

Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan wrote:  

Heathrow is not in the city itself so you will be doing a fair bit of commuting back in the evening. Makes more sense to stay in town if you can change your hotel. Will save you time and money. 

For that amount of time I would do:

Buckingham Palace (see if you can catch the changing of the guard)

London Bridge

Tower of London

London Eye

Westminister Abbey

Trafalgar Square

Covent Garden


You can also do the hop on/hop off bus which can take you around for a day or two. 

London is well-connected by public transportation - you can take the tube or bus to most of the above attractions. Google will help you. Uber or black cabs are also easily available. 

Hope this helps!


Nihit Nirmal wrote:  

Does this not little less for 2.5 days. Can you give me a slightly longer ranked list as well.

Just in case we move fast/want to skip a few things that list would be handy.

What time is the change of guards and how long is it?

Are there any shows (like light n sound) or any views like (eiffel tower in evening) that could be beuatiful tha we should look out for?

Do any of above need passes or have tickets or is there queue or a spot where you get a god view?

How far they are? What order should I follow to do them to save on time.


Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan wrote:  

Hey Nihit, 

Here's the schedule for the changing of the guards. There are no tickets and you do have to get there a bit early to get a decent spot, especially in the summer.

Another option if you are really keen to see the guards is to make it up to Windsor Castle, which is a short 30 minute train ride from Paddington Station in the city. 

Other sites: 

British Museum 

National History Museum (free) 

Tate Modern

Kensington Palace

Victoria and Albert Museum

Royal Albert Hall

Hyde Park 

Arcelor Mittal Orbit


There is also a great Bond exhibit at the London Film Museum, if you like Bond movies. They have a bunch of the vehicles used in the films. 

London's not big on sound and light stuff - but there a TON of special events around the city in the summer. It's worth spending a couple of minutes on www.timeout/london to see what's of interest during your stay. 

It does take a bit of time to get from one attraction to the next as they are all distributed throughout the city, which is why I initially suggested that shorter list. Keep in mind also that you have a commute back to your hotel. If you do think you can hit them all up, this is how you should group them:

-London Bridge, Tower of London, London Eye, Westminister Abbey (and Big Ben), Tate Museum

-Buckingham Palace

-Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, British Film Museum

-Natural History Museum, Victoria and Albert, Hyde Park, Royal Albert Hall, Harrods

-Arcelor Mittal is a bit further out. 

You can use Google Maps or City Mapper to get around. You should get the London Pass which will get you access to a bunch of the museums/attractions as well as an oyster card which you will need for the buses and taxis.