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I am going to Kerala for a trip of about 9-10 days. i will be travelling with my sister and a friend - and we are both keen to do everything in a very active way (e.g. kayak the backwaters; cycle the foothills; hike in the national park etc); and with my mother and her friend, who will take the more relaxed option. We would all like to spend a day or two getting ayurvedic treatment. Though the two groups will probably be doing different things in the day, we would like to stay and travel together.

We will have a big suitcase each, and the 3 of the group are vegetarian.

My friend and I are also interested in social enterprise - and particularly seeing the use of clean technologies in rural settings. If we are passing villages, we might like to see this for a day.

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Getting started By Aashish Gupta
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Aashish Gupta wrote:  

Hi Nitika,

Thanks for choosing me to plan your trip. Just a few questions before we get started -

- have you finalized your dates yet? if so, are the flights booked already?

- what sort of budget do you have in mind for hotels?

That should help me get started with figuring out the basics. We'll get into other details as we go.



Nitika Agarwal wrote:  

Hi Aashish! I'm very pleased to have you helping me with this trip! 

We arrive in Cochin on the 29th of Jan at around lunchtime, and we were planning to leave from Trivandrum on the 5th or 6th of Feb. I plan to book the long haul flights very soon. Having looked briefly at the hotel options, we can go for mid range: so 1000-3000 rupees per night for a double? So we go higher end than budget hotels, but not need to go for the luxurious 5 stars. 

I have been doing a bit of research myself and I think I would really like to do the following: 

- See Cochin (half a day should be fine) 

- Treck or cycle the plantations in Munnar

- Kayak the backwaters, or experience it otherwise (but I not just sitting static on a boat for too long). 

- Spend a couple of days perhaps in Varkala where there is beach/ surfing/ ayurvedic treatments. It would be good to be able to stay at the place with good ayurvedic treatments, depending on how much they are. 

- I would like your advice also on whether we should do some hiking in one of the national parks, but it depends on how different it will be to Munnar. 

There are a couple of things I wanted to ask you about: 

1) getting around. As we don't have many days and we want to do a lot, it would be great if we can get around by car rather than busses. What is the best way to organise this? How much would it be to have a driver for the week? 

2) Also, we will have two big suitcases with us because this will be part of a longer trip where we would have spent 4 days shopping in Mumbai! So that adds to the need to have a sensible mode of transport for us. 

Many thanks, I look forward to planning together! Is it at all possible to communicate by email rather than through the site? I can answer you on my i phone when I write emails, but not through the site.


many thanks


Aashish Gupta wrote:  

Hi Nitika,

Yes, we could do email but I wouldn't recommend it. Doing it on the site will allow us to be more organized in planning. My email address is, if you still prefer to do it by email.

Renting a car with driver is certainly the best option. is a reliable vendor and a mid-size car (that will accommodate 2 big suitcases in the trunk) will cost about INR 25K for your trip according to their website.

Another highly recommended option is - they can not only arrange a good car and driver but also provide great local knowledge. You will need to check with them directly for the rates they can offer.

We'll work on the activities like kayaking, trekking, etc. once we get the basics sorted out. Let me know your thoughts.



Aashish Gupta wrote:  

Hi Nitika,

Just checking back on this as I haven't heard back from you. The consulting session automatically ends 30 days from the date of payment (though it can be extended in exceptional cases) - so lets try and wrap this up soon.


What are the 'must do' places in Kerala which one can explore with half a group that is active and the half half who are more relaxed?