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The Golden Triangle: My Visit to Moghul Heartlands

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Review of "The Golden Triangle: My Visit to Moghul Heartlands"

I was traveling with kids and am not a good researcher about new places. Had couple of really bad trips(Kerala and Goa) where
I completely relied on my travel agent and his connections at the destination places. did not get what I wanted at all
and there was nothing I could change. last trip I did was to Hampi and Dandeli which were pretty st. forward. this time when I decided to do a the Moghul heart lands I was not sure where to start except that I was going. Then I chanced upon on one of my FB connections and since it was created by a ex-colleague I have seen in my office numerous times
(although never talked to him since he was from a different team :)) I kind of thought of giving this a chance which
was giving exactly what I was looking for, personalized itinerary and tips.

and to be honest, this was the best value for money spent kind of deal that I got into.

without Aashishs help, I wouldnt have covered as much as I covered during my trip and that too with lot of upfront dos and donts at each step. i wouldn't have experienced the Taj the highlight of my trip(its obvious for a golden triangle trip, isnt it ?) like I was able to. On Aashishs advice I woke my kids(5 and 10yr) up for a very early morning Taj visit although the guides around me kept discouraging
me from going so early. I ignored all of them, braved the cold, and went there and stood in line before the gates were opened with a bunch of foriegners and a few of my kind. once the gates opened I ran as fast as I could ignoring the usual photo session at the dianas
bench that everybody was interested in, to be one of the first to enter the main building and I was not disappointed at all. firstly for the air vibrations that I could feel, the resounds
of the muslim prayers my guide was reciting(only possible because of zero interference from the crowds) and we got a lucky demonstration of how
the flowers made of precious stones on the inlay really glow in torch light. it was absolutely stunning experience and was only possible because of talking to Aashish.
there are so many other things that I experienced because of talking to Aashish, like walking down the chandni chowk, eating at Karims, eating at Peshwari,
keoladeo bird sancturary(only now I understand why a few people are bird watching fanatics, earlier I used to laugh at the thought of someone spending
hours and hours in the wild to get a sighting of a rare bird, given a chance I will do it now).
Over a above Aashishs help, I think we got lucky at Agra red fort and we ended up having a demonstration of SheeshMahal by one of the care takers there for a few hundred rupees which is now closed for lesser mortals like me. it was absolutely stunning to see the candle light being reflected in the hundreds of mirrors around and a demonstration of "pyar kiya tho darna kya" song from Mughal-E-Azam scene of the dancers reflection on all the mirrors of ceiling. Aashish you should add this for others visiting this area but you have to bribe your way into this closed section.
I can keep going on and on, since I am still drunk on the stunning Taj Mahal and other glorious sights and sounds of delhi, agra and Jaipur.
Thanks to Aashish and I rate his help 5 out of 5 because of all the help he provided with hotels, car rentals, places to see, experiences to have.

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