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Pragmatic and patient, helped me build a solid itinerary out of all the confusion I created

Our trip planning was in a state of chaos when we decided to take help. We had exactly a month and all we had were the flight tickets and a jumble of places and things-to-see that we had randomly aggregated. Prajwal made us understand the nonsense parts of our itinerary, helped up build a minimum viable product, advised on the macro planning like hotels and connections (note: advised as in purely advised, the actual grunt work of figuring out which hotel/train etc was done by us) and then helped refine the micro itinerary also. More than anything, having someone sensible and well travelled to talk to and sort out our confusion was the most valuable part of our interaction. He's extremely patient, does his research and helps build the itinerary as per our interests.

One negative that I'd like to however point out is that he could help a bit more on the practical parts. We ended up struggling with luggage on Paris' metro the day we reached Paris when it would have been far more sensible to take a cab for only a little more money (we were four people travelling). Had we known that the Paris metro isn't very luggage friendly, we wouldn't have attempted it. That would have been very valuable advice.

Irrespective, he actually cares about the actual act of 'travelling' beyond just the 'sightseeing'. Strongly recommend.

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