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Rochelle B.

Lives in United States

  • Australia

    Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, Great Ocean Road, Cairnes, Melbourne
  • Argentina

    Food, tours, wine, sites, Ushuaia, Buenas Aires
  • South Africa

    In 2014, I spent 3 weeks in Capetown, volunteering at a school in Muizenberg. After school, I hung with locals, tried new foods, enjoyed breathtaking views, penguins, fresh seafood from the bay, wine tasting, and shopping. On a road trip to Mossel Bay, I explored a safari riding an elephant and on horseback. The highlight was walking lions and playing with the cubs! I met several contacts during my stay, including a couple of cool drivers. I can plan a once in a lifetime itinerary for you here!
  • United States of America (USA)

    I was born in the US and I have spent my entire life here. I have been everywhere on the east coast, from New York to Florida. I have traveled to Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, California, Arizona, Nevada, and Martha's Vineyard near Massachusetts. In winter, I drive to Pennsylvania and Virginia to go skiing, snow tubing, and snowmobiling. Whatever it is you plan to see in the US, I can put together an affordable itinerary for you with suggestions on the best way to see as many places as you can.
  • Canada

    I have explored Niagara Falls and Toronto utilizing an itinerary designed by me. Contact me if you need advice on the best way to see the falls, recommendations on who has the best ice wine, or for any other ideas you may need to enjoy your trip here.
  • Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico has it all: affordability, beaches, cultural experiences, historical sites, water sports, delicious food, shopping, and nightlife. Here there is something for everyone. I have explored San Juan and done extensive research to organize an amazing itinerary that I can share with you including my favorite restaurants where I was able to enjoy authentic Puerto Rican cuisine on the off beaten path.
  • Italy

    I have explored several parts of Italy, including Venice, Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Pisa, and Assisi. Allow me to plan your trip to a country filled with history, amazing art, delicious cuisine, remarkable architecture, and overall splendid beauty.
  • The Bahamas

    I have explored Nassau, Freeport, and Castaway Cay a couple of times.
  • Cuba

    If you would like information on travel to Cuba I can plan an exciting itinerary for you. If you are interested in travel from the US, I can help you with making plans for your travel there, give advice on places to stay, where to get access to internet there, and where to eat!
  • Costa Rica

    Jaco Beach, Monteverde, San Jose, Cloud Forest
  • Belgium

    Castles, food, Belgian beer, amazing views, chocolate
  • Mexico

    Cozumel, Cancun, food, tours, tequila, beaches
  • Dubai

    I traveled to the beautiful Dubai in 2014 following an itinerary created by myself. I organized a road trip to Abu Dhabi to see the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and of course an adventure through the desert that I will never forget. I did extensive research to map out the best places to eat, shop, party, and explore with a little help from a friend of mine who resides there. I can build your itinerary similar to mine altering it to better suit your interests and budget.
  • Hawaii

    Although Hawaii is a part of the US, here you feel like you are in a completely different world of paradise. As soon as you land, you are immediately enticed by the family culture, the aroma of flavorful foods in the air, and awe-inspiring views. It is a great place for singles, couples, and families with children. I explored the island of Oahu after extensive research. While there I also stumbled into some great eateries on the off beaten path. Contact me to plan your trip here.
  • New York

    I have planned several trips to New York. I have been to New York City, Brooklyn, Harlem, Coney Island, and Buffalo. I can help significantly, with your planning. I travel to NYC at least 3 times a year and am knowledgeable on getting around the city, restaurants, tourist sites, nightlife, things to do with children, and good food and must-see things on the off beaten path.
  • Paris

    I've explored most of the popular sites in Paris.
  • London

    I have explored many of the popular sites in London including some great places to try fish and chips!
  • Amsterdam

    Canals, coffeshops, Anne Frank house, museums
Great job! - By Akmal Muqeeth - See this trip

Rochelle did a great job planning our trip. There were lot of last minute changes in our itinerary and Rochelle was very patient , accommodating, and co-operative about them. She recommended places that we would have never found out about ourselves. She even made the phone calls for us to find out about hotel amenities and other activities. We were pretty confused about a lot of things to do, and Rochelle's suggestions made a lot of difference, and we had a great trip to Vegas and Grand Canyon! Would really recommend Rochelle to any friend.


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Loved the plan - By Sangita Rajan - See this trip

i completely love the details and effort Rochelle put in to making my plan. it was spot on.

Absolute pleasure working with her :) 

Awesome Job - By Linnette Mongeotti - See this trip



Thanks for all your help organizing our itinerary for our Spring Break trip.  Looking forward to our trip.



The best travel ninja out there! - By shannon Carter - See this trip

When I discovered, I was skeptical and I wasn't sure what to expect. However, I thought, what the heck, it's $20. 

When I received my itinerary for a trip to Montana, from Rochelle... I was blown away. There is clearly so much detail and time that goes into her planning. She mapped everything down from our budget, the flight, drive time, to a car rental company. She searches to find the best bang for your buck and is very patient when adjustments need to b made. I will 100% be using Rochelle and her travel expertise for more trips in the future. 

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Hey Rochelle,

I'm back! My husband and I are looking at taking a trip to Arizona this December for about 4- 5 nights somewhere between December 26th- December 31th. We are looking to spend $1500 max. We will be leaving out of Austin, Texas. 

We currently have the following vouchers (which will hopefully help cut costs).

$75 airbnb gift cards

already compensated for hot air balloon ride with Rainbow Rhyders. 


By now you probably already know our taste for adventurous excursions. Below are some of the things we want to see/do on a scale from 1-5. 5 being really want to see/do!

Hot Air Balloon-5 (sunrise preferred)

Grand Canyon-5

Out of Africa Wildlife Safari-3

Sedona (or city alike) Jeep tour-4 

Horseshoe Bend-5

Tombstone-old west town- 3

Lake Mead-3


Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks Rochelle!

Thanksgiving trip to Canada

Hi, my wife and I are wanting to travel to Banff, Canada over Thanksgiving this November. We don't know much about the area, and were hoping you could help! Our plan is to depart from Rigby, ID early November 21 and drive up to Banff (we're planning on taking the whole day to do this). We'd like to stay in Canada for three nights (November 21, 22, and 23) then return to Idaho on the 24th. We will be making the trip with our son who is 6 months old. He's great in the car on long trips and we don't have a problem with driving a long way.

We went to Yellowstone once, but have never been to any other part of Idaho (we'll be starting and ending the trip at a friend's house in Rigby) or Montana. We have also never been to Canada. We're hoping to have a scenic drive and to get to enjoy the outdoors.

Our budget for the trip is tentatively $500 (not counting the cost of gas). We are willing to cut the trip a day shorter than planned to make the budget work, but are also up to considering spending a bit more to have a good experience.

We are both 25. We like outdoor activities like hiking, etc, and especially enjoy good food. Since our boy is young, we'd like for the days to be filled but not packed so that he doesn't get worn out too fast. We like camping, but would prefer to stay in hotels for this trip so our son can be comfortable too :) We don't have any food allergies, but we don't drink alcohol. 

We've heard that the Banff national park is really beautiful and are excited to get to see it. We also think it would be fun to just appreciate Canada as we have never been there before. We know it's a short trip so we can't do it all, but we're hoping that with your help we can make it awesome!

Lastly, even though our trip will be over the thanksgiviing holiday, we aren't expecting to do any thanksgiving-like activites (it's okay if we aren't eating turkey and watching football). 

We are open to all sorts of ideas, so please let us know if you think it would be better to arrange the trip differently or to see different things!

Thanks for helping us out with this,

Tanner and Emily