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Justin Schmid

Lives in Phoenix, AZ

  • New Zealand

    Most hipster travelers parrot the same old line about New Zealand - "You don't really need to go to the North Island." Well, they just missed out. I can fill you in on the most-adventurous spots on both islands. And give you the straight, non-guidebook answers.
  • Australia

    I went to Australia for the wildlife, and I came up big. I camped in the Outback and drove around Northern Queensland to see what happens when you get outside Sydney.
  • Iceland

    Most people stop in Iceland for 48 hours, visit the Blue Lagoon and call it done. I went into the highlands, headed to the far north and camped all over the country. And yes, I ate the rotten shark meat!
  • Vietnam

    Ask most people about Vietnam, and you'll hear about beaches. Ask me, and you'll get the info on hiking with the Hmong, the differences between north and south, running the Song Hong 10K and the perspective-altering powers of the Cu Chi Tunnels.
  • United States of America (USA)

    Well, I live here! And I've traveled around it to visit places that surprise you. If you want an experience beyond the obvious (LA, Chicago, New York), let me give you a look at Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, Utah or Washington. You won't believe what what you'll find in the less-known areas.
  • Norway

    I went to Norway to run the northern-most 10k in the world - and to hike in Jotunheimen. I made it to a few other spots while driving around the Norwegian countryside. I'll steer you to some places that will make you wear your camera out. And yes, I can help you find the absolute coolest microbrewery in Norway ... also in the running for world's coolest!