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Priyanka Dalal

Lives in Mumbai, India

  • Himalayas (India)

    One of the most wondrous places I have ever visited. Every single visit to these mountains is a treat by itself. I have been to the foothills at Kashmir, Dhauladhars in Himachal Pradesh, sacred places in the Gadhwal area (incl Kedarnath, Badrinath & Gangotri) and areas of the lovely state of Sikkim.
  • Karnataka

    Exploring Karnataka has been a real delight. From virgin beaches on NH17, expansive coffee plantations in Coorg to ancient Hoysala architecture in Halebeedu & Belur. I have also spent a lot of time in Bangalore & Mysore two of the major urban areas in this state.
  • Tamil Nadu

    Tamil Nadu can be a difficult place to travel in due to language barriers. I have spent a lot of time at a yoga center near Coimbatore to be able to speak basic Tamil. Equipped with my basic Tamil skills I have explored various areas in this state including Coimbatore, Ooty, Coonoor, Kanyakumari, Pondicherry and so on.
  • Mumbai

    Born and grown up in Mumbai, so know the local culture very well. Choosing the right area to live and finding authentic stuff to do can be difficult to figure out. Feel free to connect with me if you plan to spend some time in this Maximum City! ;)
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