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  • New Zealand

    A fortnight of adventure getaway, road trip from north island to south island. Going from the metropolitan of Auckland to the geo thermal lands of Rotorua, crossing the Tongarriro, seeing Mt Doom for real in Lord of Rings style, taking a ferry to the south island, exploring glaciers and snow capped mountains in Arthur national park, bungee jumping in Queenstown, sailing through Milford sound, marvelling at the lakes, zorbing over rolling meadows was what we did and can plan every detail for you.
  • Greece

    Fancy walking down a cobbled street to glistening warm waters, soft sand or sailing over the blue mediterranean to hidden beaches, coves, caves or watching that famous sun set over caldera in Santorini or go off roading on a quad and get to the secluded beaches with no one else in sight, I can help you bring these imaginations to real.
  • France

    France to many conjures up images of Paris, but there is more to the country that boasts of the tallest mountain in Alps. Chamonix is an ideal base for myriad of active adventures ranging from paragliding, hiking, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding. If you are the adventure kind and need assistance in planning these activities around Mont Blanc area I can guide you through.
Greece & Turkey

My husband andd I are going to Greece and turkey in October. We are a young couple from Bangalore, mainly looking for a relaxing trip and adding some fun/partying element to it as well. Our trip starts with reaching Athens on October 10th afternoon, we plan to stay in greece for around 5-6 days. Here we maily want to do 2 beach destinations - few options that we have in our mind - Santorini, Naxos, Rhodes, Mykonos. Around 15th-16th october we plan to leave for Turkey through Bordrum, from there to Cappadocia - we have to figure out how to reach cappadocia wia reasonable mean, as well seeing one more place in between wiithout making it too hectic.  And, then finally Istanbul, we have a return flight to bangalore on 21st Oct evening. Our bugdet is average, we do not spend much on staying, but it should be comfortable. We dont mind spending on few places, which can give real worth for money. Our approx budget for a day inclusive of staying & food is around 7-8k. We dont mind spending a bit less also ;). We are strict vegetarians, no eggs. 

new zealand



My husband and I would like to take a trip to New Zealand for our honeymoon this upcoming December/January.  Here are a few details aobut us:



like wine

like outdoor activitivites (no bungee jumping though) 

interested in glaciers, zorbing, hiking, glow worm caves, geothermal springs, etc. 


Thanks so much!  I look forward to hearing from you.