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Aanchal Karnwal

Lives in London

  • Switzerland

    Switzerland- As famous for it's romantic valleys, it is also one of the best spot or extreme adventure. I have been to Interlaken, Zurich, Basel. I hiked, cycled, bungy jump, canyoning, choclates, local sight seeing and just sat down near to a river to soak myself into the marvellous creation by God.It was a backpacking trip and stayed in hostels to make it a budget trip.If you need help in planning, I would love to share the experience with you.
  • Belgium

    Belgium is famous for it's rich history and architecture. Many people overlook beglium in their itinerary, but in reality it has a lot to offer. It is a beautiful country that offers you some astounding piece of Gothic architecture, Lochs, Beautiful country side, and not to forget Begium Choclates and Waffles. I have been to Belgium again on a budget trip, visited Bruges, Brussles, Antwerp. In case Belgium is in your itinerary, please get in touch for details.
  • Norway

    I describe Norway as a place where Earth Meets Mountains, Mountains Meet CLouds and Cloud Meets Sky. It is an absolutely stunning place. I did a backpacking trip to Norway- Preikestolen,Kjeargbotlen. Some of the world's beautiful mountains, cliffs over looking Fjords are located in Norway. Looking for just a drive or restful holiday in a cottage or adrenaline rush. This could be the place for you. I stayed in a small cabin in a forest, hiked, cooked. I would love to share the experience with you
  • United Kingdom (UK)

    Staying in United Kingdom over the last 4 years, I have travelled a lot in this country, To name a few - London, Lake District, Peak District, Surrey, Essex. I did a cottage holiday, camping holiday, caravan holiday, b&b holiday. Please refer to my blog for details around many places I visited, it is not the full list yet. If you have any particular place in mind please feel free to get in touch with me
  • Spain

    I have been to Barcelona and Madrid. A place to party, enjoy beach, enjoy night life. In addition to that it has to offer a lot of Gaudi Architecture. Get in touch with me for itinerary planning.
  • Sweden

    I went to Sweden along with my hubby to meet his childhood friend.And as a traveller I fall in love with each new place I visit. It had beaches, country side walk, museums, old streets, crystal clear lakes to explore. Sit down near a river and see the ferry crossing to Finland. I had been to Uppsala (a vibrant student town), Stockholm, Jonokoping, Koping. up north parts of Sweden is also famous to have a glimpse of northern Lights, if you are lucky enough.
  • Iceland

    Iceland is breathtaking and no words can describe the natural wonder it has got. Northern Lights, Waterfalls, Glaciers, Black Sand Beaches, Geo Thermal Pools, Volcanoes. Road Trip in Iceland is fantastic I have been on a road trip to Iceland- Southern and Sout West Iceland covering some of the majestical places on planet Earth. Check out my blog to read more.
  • Denmark

    Denmark in Winter is a fairyland, with its Christmas Market, Mulled Wine, Palaces, Gardens, Tivoli, rivers and the bridges :)
  • Scotland

    I have been to Ediburgh a rich cultural capital of Scotland.It is a great city to explore scottish history, some of the oldest pub, castles, oldest streets. I have to Highlands and Isle of Skye - one of the most beautiful islands of world as described by discovery. For details please check my blog. Get in touch with me for itinerary planning.
  • Himachal Pradesh

    Dalhosuie-A retreat to hill station. I have spent a week in Dalhousie on a backpacking trip. It is a place to see explore on foot, some beautiful valleys and hills around. we hiked to Dian Kund,Kalatop,chamera lake, khajiiar. This place offers a rustic beauty that you would not want to leave behind. Every hill, every turn will offer a majestic view and you would just want to sit, relax and breathe that sweet air.
  • Amsterdam

    Amsterdam not only offers you an exciting night life but a great country side and most beautiful Canals. Mostly people take Amsterdam as a place for weed lovers but let me tell you you can spend weeks in country side.You would just love to sit down near the canal bridge when the light is lit or take a canal tour, go cycling, try beers. A fabulous place to be in.
  • Karnataka

    I spent 6-7 years in Bangalore. I always said if I want to settle down in India it has to be banaglore. It offers you all year round awesome weather , a spring like feeling, some of the bestest pubs of India, gardens, cuisines from all over India and abroad. I know its road by hooks :) I spend another 4 years in Manipal, Udupi, Managlore- A fantastic place to offer a lot of beaches, islands, hill treats.
  • New York

    Spent two weeks in New York and New Jersey exploring the major tourist attractions, local food. Local areas around Jersey to watch and mesimerized yourself looking at New York Skyline. Party till 4 am in the city that never sleeps. Take the subway to Newport.Enjoy New York skyline while sipping your favorite starbucks coffee.
  • Paris

    A city of love, beautiful bridges, beautiful churches. A city to fall in love over and over again.
Aanchal Karnwal - By Jonny Greenwood - See this trip

Aanchal was very nice and helpful with me. The itinerary she made was great and she answered all my questions. Would recommend her without hesitation.

took away all the hassle of trip planning - By saurabh samdani - See this trip

Peak District

Hi Aanchal,

we are planning for a trip to Peak District with a new born. Please help us plan a weekend trip which involves sight seeing, landscape photography, short trails with buggy and scenic drive.
Please suggest a decent accomodation under £50 per night.

Thank you for your help.

Honeymoon in Switzerland & France - 10 Days


I am Raghav. I am getting married on Feb 11, 2015 and i am planning for my Honeymoon of 10 - 14 days. I have a budget of 2 lakhs for the honeymoon and would like to get the best out of it. My future wife (Sneha) has been the love of my life from last 8 years (Yay!!. Its a marriage 2 deeply loving individuals). Now that's a summary of what we want to do and in how much.

Now where do we want to go?. Sneha has this dream from a long time of a honeymoon in Paris and Switzerland. But me being a practical software engineer, having a budget of 2 lakhs, is a little apprehensive about this. I definitely want to make her happy but also would want to know what is the best i could get for 2 lakhs. I want to know if this plan works out or should i be choosing different destinations for that budget to get the most blissful experience out of our honeymoon.

I need your help in this area.

Paris with my GF


My girlfriend and me are going to Paris from 30 October to 7 November. My plain should arrive in Paris aproximately at 10pm on the 30th and I should be leaving to Spain the 7th at 5pm. My girlfriend arrives the same days as me, but with other timetable.

My girlfriend loves art and so do I. We would like to visit the Musee d'Orsay, Rodin and Louvre, at least. The Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower are a must, of course. My gf was thinking on Moulin Rouge or Crazy Horse too. She also likes to go out at night a lot. So maybe a pair of night clubs or bars would be ok. Napoleon's tomb would be nice. Cultural and romantic places are a must.

We haven't any dietary restrictions.

We are on a budget, so we are planning on spending $750 dollars on accommodation. We have seen some beautiful apartments on this price range on Airbnb, but maybe you can give us another suggestion. We would like to sleep alone, not in a shared room or shared apartment.

For everthing else, we have another $1500 dollars for both uf us. We could spend a little more, but it would be better if not.

We are both from Mexico. She speaks Spanish, English and some French. I speak Spanish, English and German, if that helps in anything.

Hope you can help us.



I have already booked my flight tickets

SFO ARN reaching sep 3

ARN ZRH reaching Sep 7

VIE SFO departing Sep 18

I was able to book some rooms at a very low rate in a promotion. These are the room bookigns so far

sep 3- 7 : 4 nights radisson strand stockholm

sep 7 - 11: 4 nights radisson lucerne

sep 11-13: 2 nights radisson salzburg

sep 13-18: 5 nights vienna

we will have a 18 mo baby with us on the trip (plus me and wife). We are vegetarian. We do love to try local foods, go to local markets and authentic restaurants. We dont' want to spend money on mediocre meals. We usually carry food with us so that we can avoid spending money on mediocre food instead spending money on some nicer meals.

We like vista points, some walking (not too much with baby), guided tours about history (natural and human), architecture or art. Local performances (music/dance) are also of interest to us.

Our philosophy is to only do the authentic things in each location. We also want to avoid repetitious things that you find in many tour guides like regular art museus, zoos, skyline etc. After having visited museums in new york and london, we usually skip the museums in most places unless it's unique like anthropological museum in mexico city.


please refer to previous details i had sent

New York Trip

Me and my girlfriend are looking for a great experience in New York City. We like walking and exploring, drinkging and nice restauarant experiences. We will be there over thanksgiving break. We are looking to pay around $200 a night for hotel. One of the us is vegeterian. 

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