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Gemma Graham

Lives in Australia

  • Australia

    I have also explored a lot of my great country, with my family I have been on many family holidays to different places around Australia. I have been pretty much everywhere except Tasmania. A few of the most popular tourist destinations I have been to are the Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth & Melbourne. I have spent time in both big cities and also smaller towns where I have done a variety of things.
  • Cambodia

    I spent just over 2 weeks in Cambodia earlier in 2014, I was volunteering in an orphanage. I travelled there alone but met up with others through a local volunteer organisation. In my free time I went out and explored some of the amazing things Cambodia has to offer like the temples.
  • Thailand

    My family and I spent a few weeks in Thailand relaxing by the pool and beach, we also did some of the touristy things like riding elephants.
  • Canada

    I have been travelling around Canada solo for the past 2 months and am now working in a summers camp. During my travels I have been to Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Whistler. I am on a budget so I have been staying in hostels and making the most of every dollar, I have lashed out on a few things like bungee jumping in Whistler.
  • Hong Kong

    I spent a few weeks in Hong Kong with my family, so the activities were more family based (Disney land).
  • San Francisco

    While in Canada I decided to take a quick trip over to San Francisco, I was there for 1 week and did some of the must does like going across the golden gate bridge and riding the cable cars.