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Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan

Lives in London, UK

  • Australia

    I spent two glorious years in Sydney, enjoying the laid-back Aussie lifestyle and traveling around the region.
  • New Zealand

    New Zealand is home to the most spectacular vistas in the world. I can help you navigate your way around the South Island, by plane, car or train to find the most beautiful spots.
  • Italy

    In particular Rome, Venice, Florence (including Tuscany), the Amalfi coast, and Puglia.
  • Singapore

    Currently one of most exciting cities in the world, Singapore is a tourist's dream with great food, kid-friendly activities, and shopping galore. I can help you hit up all the best spots.
  • Morocco

    Particularly Marrakesh, the Atlas Mountains and Essouira. It's a beautiful country worth exploring.
  • London

    Current hometown. You will be spoiled for choice in London and I can help you create a workable itinerary based on your interests.
  • San Francisco

    Former hometown. I can help you get on the insider track: from the best taqueria in the Mission to the most picturesque wineries to visit.
  • Mumbai

    Former hometown. Mumbai is a big, bad, sexy city with much going on. I can help you get the most out of your visit.
  • Istanbul

    Whether you're looking for a cultural experience or just plain partying, Istanbul will blow your mind. I can share my tips from a recent trip there.
Short London Trip

Hi Kaamna,

We are 4 people, myself with my wife and my parents (arounds 60 years old). We just have 2.5 days, we land there at 27th May noon and fly back on 30th Morining. So technically we have 2.5 days inclduing a jet lag if at all (given my parents age and the fact that I am traveling from the US).

Fooding is NOT at all important. The idea is to stay in London for the entire stretch and see all 'touristy' places :-). If there is something else that you find interesting please feel free to throw your ideas.

Does this work as a brief?

Honeymoon in Australia


I am planning a honeymoon with my wife to Australia, we will be getting married in January so most of Europe is out of question due to winter season. We have narrowed our choices down to Australia/South Africa. 

Looking to travel by first week February for about 2-3 weeks depending on what Australia has to offer, we are not too keen on camping or countless number of Safaris. We would like to see around Australia but at the same time be able to enjoy ourselves during the night. I have no idea about the night life of Australia hence my concern. We would like to stay in places where young honeymooners normally would go and not necessarily be limited to older crowd.

Budget is not an concern, until I know what the place has to offer I'm unable to put a budget to it.


Thank you