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Aashish Gupta

Lives in Bangalore, India

  • Maldives

    I've planned a few trips to the Maldives (including my own) and have researched a whole lot of details. I can help considerably with your planning.
  • Provence

    Travelled to Provence in 2012. Spent 2 weeks exploring the highlights of the region, especially the towns of Avignon, Arles, Gordes, Roussillon and Chateauneuf du Pape.
  • Tahiti & the Society Islands

    Extensively researched the region and traveled to Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Huahine and Raiatea in 2006.
  • Bali

    Been to Bali a few different times with friends and as a family. I've also planned a few trips to Bali for others.
  • Northwest Peninsula (Malaysia)

    I've spent a week in the Perhentian Islands exploring all the dive sites in the area.
  • Seattle

    I lived in the Seattle area from 2002 to 2006 and explored the surrounding region extensively.
  • Paris

    Travelled to Paris several times since 2007. Also planned 5 trips for others going to Paris.
  • Goa

    I grew up in Goa, lived here for 17 years and still visit every year.
  • Hyderabad

    I lived in Hyderabad from 2006 to 2009 and explored all of the historic city's attractions.
  • Long Island (NY)

    I went to college in Stony Brook on Long Island and explored quite a bit during that time.
  • Rajasthan

    I've travelled several times to Jaipur and a few times to Jodhpur and Jaisalmer
  • Mumbai

    Mumbai has always been my second home. I also lived in the "maximum city" from 1996 to 2000 and know it really well.
  • Bangalore (Bengaluru)

    I've been living in Bangalore since 2009 so I'm pretty much a local now.
  • Leh & Ladakh

    I've spent a week travelling through Ladakh solo. I've explored Leh, monasteries around Leh, Khardungla Pass, Nubra Valley and Nimmu village.
Super stuff - By Anonymous - See this trip
I'm very happy with this service, already recommending it to my friends.
Review of "The Golden Triangle: My Visit to Moghul Heartlands" - By Anonymous - See this trip
I was traveling with kids and am not a good researcher about new places. Had couple of really bad trips(Kerala and Goa) where
I completely relied on my travel agent and his connections at the destination places. did not get what I wanted at all
and there was nothing I could change. last trip I did was to Hampi and Dandeli which were pretty st. forward. this time when I decided to do a the Moghul heart lands I was not sure where to start except that I was going. Then I chanced upon on one of my FB connections and since it was created by a ex-colleague I have seen in my office numerous times
(although never talked to him since he was from a different team :)) I kind of thought of giving this a chance which
was giving exactly what I was looking for, personalized itinerary and tips.

and to be honest, this was the best value for money spent kind of deal that I got into.

without Aashishs help, I wouldnt have covered as much as I covered during my trip and that too with lot of upfront dos and donts at each step. i wouldn't have experienced the Taj the highlight of my trip(its obvious for a golden triangle trip, isnt it ?) like I was able to. On Aashishs advice I woke my kids(5 and 10yr) up for a very early morning Taj visit although the guides around me kept discouraging
me from going so early. I ignored all of them, braved the cold, and went there and stood in line before the gates were opened with a bunch of foriegners and a few of my kind. once the gates opened I ran as fast as I could ignoring the usual photo session at the dianas
bench that everybody was interested in, to be one of the first to enter the main building and I was not disappointed at all. firstly for the air vibrations that I could feel, the resounds
of the muslim prayers my guide was reciting(only possible because of zero interference from the crowds) and we got a lucky demonstration of how
the flowers made of precious stones on the inlay really glow in torch light. it was absolutely stunning experience and was only possible because of talking to Aashish.
there are so many other things that I experienced because of talking to Aashish, like walking down the chandni chowk, eating at Karims, eating at Peshwari,
keoladeo bird sancturary(only now I understand why a few people are bird watching fanatics, earlier I used to laugh at the thought of someone spending
hours and hours in the wild to get a sighting of a rare bird, given a chance I will do it now).
Over a above Aashishs help, I think we got lucky at Agra red fort and we ended up having a demonstration of SheeshMahal by one of the care takers there for a few hundred rupees which is now closed for lesser mortals like me. it was absolutely stunning to see the candle light being reflected in the hundreds of mirrors around and a demonstration of "pyar kiya tho darna kya" song from Mughal-E-Azam scene of the dancers reflection on all the mirrors of ceiling. Aashish you should add this for others visiting this area but you have to bribe your way into this closed section.
I can keep going on and on, since I am still drunk on the stunning Taj Mahal and other glorious sights and sounds of delhi, agra and Jaipur.
Thanks to Aashish and I rate his help 5 out of 5 because of all the help he provided with hotels, car rentals, places to see, experiences to have.

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Insightful travel tips - By Darius Sunawala - See this trip
My Travel Ninja helped me discover some great acco options but what really impressed me was the detailed and insightful tips on things to do / eat / shop in Goa!

Totally worth it!
Wow! - By Patricia Williams - See this trip

I am simply amazed at this service.

It's like having a friend who's been-there-done-that and loves helping you discover these great experiences.

Aashish gave us a very detailed plan, including driving directions and everything. I loved his suggestions especially the kid-friendly restaurants that he picked out for us. Great job!

Outstanding planning - By Sangita Rajan - See this trip

It was a pleasure working with Aashish, the detailed planning helped us to a great deal.. All we had to do was stick to the plan and we would cover the place entirely. It was awesome. Would defy recommend to anyone without any hesitation. 

french odessey - By Naresh Naineni - See this trip

Excellent hand holding thru out my planning phase, like suggestions of places that would fit what I was looking for from the trip(Skiing, watching table tennis tournament). Aashishs suggestions on places to stay suit perfectly for me both budget wise and travel with kids wise. the places gave me and my family a window into france & belgium that would not have been possible if we stayed in hotels. and sight seeing suggestions were as usual bang on(this is second time I was taking aashishs help). I wouldnt have got so much out of the trip if I did not talk to Aashish.

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Itinerary: Food & Music Tour of West Africa & Morocco

I would like to plan travel for myself and a friend (both males) to West & NW Africa. We are looking to experience the food, life and most importantly, music of the region. We would like to touch Dakar, Lagos, Accra, and a couple of places in Morocco.
In Dakar, I'd really like to see Youssuo N'Dour play at his club Thiossane, and would like to know of similar places in the other cities :-) Duration: 12-16 days; Date: November 2013; Budget: $4500, not including airfare to/from India, but should include travel between the recommended cities.

Short trip to Goa

I'm going to Goa for a short break with wife and my three year old daughter. I just want to take a break and relax. We've been to Goa earlier. Also note that we're vegetarians.

The Golden Triangle: My Visit to Moghul Heartlands

Primary aim is to visit Moghul related land marks, and cover Rajasthan forts, with a bit of shopping for my wife (Banaras Silks) and try some best Non-veg food these places can offer. Travel budget of $2000 - $3000 includes everything hotels, travel in between cities, food.

Itinerary: Discover "Real Paris" in 5 Days

I'm going to Paris for 5 days. I'm going from Moscow. I'm looking forward to discover "real Paris" - in fact, we know places that we MUST visit like Louvre or Eiffel Tower, for example, but maybe there are "hidden gems"? :) . I would like to avoid spending much and we plan to stay at some cheap Airbnb appartment - advice considering this part also could be useful (what to avoid and what to search for). Also note that I'm traveling with my wife in the beginning of May. We're 27 and 28 years old, it's my wife's first trip to Europe and for me it's first trip to France.

Budget Ski Trip from Toronto

I'm looking forward to planning a ski vacation for 2 people for 7 days between Dec 20 - Jan 1 at a ski-hill with a vertical drop > 3000 ft & all inclusive cost < $1500 for 2 ppl (budget including local transport, airfare, food). I'm going from Toronto.

Luxury Villa in Goa

Family trip. Want a luxury villa (unto about Rs 25k per night) on the beach near Candolim or close by. Direct beach access is important

Itinerary: 5 Days in Provence

I'm going to Provence for 5 days with my husband and 2 kids, in July. I need help with planning the trip - things to do, places to stay, eat, etc. My kids are 7 and 2 so we'd like to keep walking to a minimum and do the sightseeing at a relaxed pace. We like art and culture and my husband is a huge Van Gogh fan, so it is a must to include some of the relevant places. We also want to sample the best wines of the region.

Active Holidays in Kerala

I am going to Kerala for a trip of about 9-10 days. i will be travelling with my sister and a friend - and we are both keen to do everything in a very active way (e.g. kayak the backwaters; cycle the foothills; hike in the national park etc); and with my mother and her friend, who will take the more relaxed option. We would all like to spend a day or two getting ayurvedic treatment. Though the two groups will probably be doing different things in the day, we would like to stay and travel together.

We will have a big suitcase each, and the 3 of the group are vegetarian.

My friend and I are also interested in social enterprise - and particularly seeing the use of clean technologies in rural settings. If we are passing villages, we might like to see this for a day.

Honeymoon in New Zealand - 12 Day Trip

I am planning my honeymoon to New Zeland 6 days and Bora Bora 4 days .
Dates jan 25th to Feb 6th
I stay in Chennai
Getting married on Jan 21st in Chennai
Contacting early for better rates.
Pure Vegetarian.
both Love driving, road trips and adventure.
Prefer staying at smaller and quaint, romantic boutique hotels and not at common brands like sheraton, hyatt etc. what matters to me more is the location and exclusivity of the hotel than the brand. So I am fine with a five star to a three star hotel type budget.
Want to include some extremely romantic surprise elements in the trip for my fiance ;)
I am estimating the budget to be around 6 Lacs for travel and stay. But that needs to be worked out.
Waiting for a reply. Hope this unique platform helps me out!


Short Trip to Melaka and Langkawi

We are a family of 4 , husband wife a 9 yr old and a a 2.5 yr old. we have about 3 days 20th dec 5.30pm- 23rd dec midnight in singapore. we have a flight out to the US on 24th at 7 am . we would like to get a mini trip some where cloer our out of singapore during this time.. any suggestions? we like to either 1. find a beachy destination and relax 2. or preferably club the beach with some site seeing, history would be great .. a short flight away from spore is the thought .. any sugeestions?

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