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Stacy Vaz

Lives in Mumbai, India

  • Europe

    I have travelled through Europe multiple times; visiting different places and discovering new experiences each time. I have even lived and worked there for a while. After joining the travel industry, I started organising trips to Europe for groups, solo travellers, backpackers as well as luxury travellers seeking bespoke experiences. Europe as a whole has always offered the most satisfying variety of rich experiences and I look forward to providing the same to my clients every single time...
  • North America

    I studied for a while in the US and travelled a lot during my stay and in subsequent trips to meet my family and friends. As a part of my job, I have gained a bit of knowledge and planned a lot for my clients in North America especially the US.
  • Southeast Asia

    I have planned a lot of trips and travelled to Thailand & Singapore. However, most of the trips planned for my clients have been to Indo-China.
  • Egypt

    I absolutely love Egypt and have been obsessed with its history and culture since I was a child. When I finally visited the country, it was everything I could have imagined and more. I have experience in planning both adventure and cultural tours of Egypt with local suppliers who never fail to provide the best possible experiences.. whether you're staying at a five star hotel or camping near the Nile.
  • Kenya

    Kenya is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. It is an absolute must for nature lovers and those who have a passion for seeing wildlife in their natural habitat. The possibilities are endless from safaris, treks, camping, diving, village walks, etc. This is another location for which you need a good local supplier to help you plan your trip.
  • Israel & the Palestinian territories

    Israel & Palestine have a lot to offer especially from a pilgrimage point of view. It is central to several different faiths, some of which originated in the area. For a very tiny area, there is definitely a lot to see and do.
  • Jordan

    Jordan, being one of the most tolerant and liberal countries in this region has a rich beautiful landscape and wonderful architectural heritage to navigate through. Jordanian food is another experience by itself. I can definitely help you plan an unforgettable trip to Jordan.
  • Oman

    I was born in Oman and spent several of my early years in Muscat. I witnessed its transition from rustic beauty to cosmopolitan development over the years and can recommend the best activities, beaches and wadis to visit.
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    The UAE is a great place to visit. the cities have so many dimensions ranging from the uberluxuriant to the modest traditions which are still alive in some places. It is ofcourse home to world class cities like Dubai & Abu Dhabi and is a garden of eden for the most hardcore shoppers. It is a great country to road trip your way through in a 4x4 and indulge in amazing desert camping.
  • Bahrain

    Having lived in Bahrain for five years, I know this tiny country has a lot to offer. Referred to as the Vegas of the gulf, bahrain never fails to surprise tourists with its varied heritage and cultural diversity.
  • Nepal

    From hills, to jungles to river basins, the landscape and beauty of Nepal is beyond compare.
  • India

    India. Nuff said..
  • Turkey

    Turkey has the best of both worlds, The European side as well as the Asian side. Istanbul is party central and a cultural gem at the same time. You will never run out of things to see and do as there is some kind of stimulation everywhere in the littlest of things. How manyever days you plan for Turkey, it is never enough. Istanbul is just the tip of the iceberg. From Ankara's heritage to Cappadocia's amazing cave hotels and balloon rides. You can indulge in every kind of activity and never get
Perfect trip - By Sangita Rajan - See this trip

Stacy was great. She understood my request and the type of activities i woudl love to do and prepared a plan that would perfectly match my needs. she made sure she had alternatives/suggestions for every lil thing based on weather and so forth. Would defy recommend to anyone. 

Feb Getaway

4 day trip with my wife from 14th -17th Feb. Looking for really some natural off beat places

Trip ID 10346

I am planning on going to Thailand sometime in Feb 2015 with a friend. We're first time travelers and love the coast as we're from Goa. We're 25yr old females. I do not want the package tours experience.
We would like to visit Bangkok and some of the islands in the south. But open to your suggestions. We have 4-5 days (flexible by 1 day if at all) and don't want to spend a lot of time travelling. Want a mix of culture and leisure. I don't care for the parties, i want to experience something new. Budget is not a problem but i don't want to splurge. Anything between 30k to 50k would be ideal for the entire trip (including stay and flights) per person.
Beaches is a must as i want to try snorkeling or just enjoy the scenic beauty. We're both non-vegetarian, cuisine won't be a problem. I was thinking of Krabi too. I would
It would be great if you could help me with this. Thank you very much.

Relaxed trip to Cabo, Mexico

Looking for some adventure and relaxation. We land in SJD airport on the 14th eve at 5pm. and take off from SJD on 17th eve at 5pm.
By we I mean me & my husband.

Trip ID 10374


Visiting Turkey with Friends

Hi travel Ninja,


I am travelling with 2 friends to Turkey from India on 27 th 2015. We would be there till 5th of July, 2015. According to our research on the net, we have narrowed down to Istanbul (3 days), Cappadocio (2 days), Antalya ( 2 days), and Pamukkale( 1 day). My friends are not that much of history buffs but we don't mind occasional history tours. This is our first trip abroad together and we would like to make most of it. We would like to do hot air ballooning in Cappadocio and snorkling/ scuba diving in Antalya. Our budget is around 80,000 INR (1300 $) which is a little flexible. Also, one of us is a vegiteranian.

We are confused about including Cappadocio in our trip or switching it for Izmir, Ephesus or Kusadasi. 


Right now our itinerary is :

27th June : Landing in Istanbul.

28th 29th June: Sighseeing in Istanbul

29th Evening bus to Capppadocio . OR 29th evening flight to Nezmir. 

30th June Sighteeing in Goreme.

1st July Hot Air balloon ride over Cappadocio.

1St July night overnight Bus to Antalya.

2nd July Arrival at Antalya. Sightseeing in Antalya

3rd July Sightseeing in Antalya

4th July  Morning Bus to Pamukkale. Visit Pamukkale.

4th July  Night bus to Istanbul. 

5th July  Morning Arrival in Istanbul. Sightseeing in Istanbul

5th July  Board flight to Mumbai in the night.


Is there a better alternative to this itinerary. Please suggest. 





Northern Italy

We will be flying in and out of Milan, then train to Florence, then train to Venice, and back. Our accomodations are already booked and picked and im more interested in itnerary, dining, activites, etc.

The trip is May 25th arriving in Milan that afternoon and the rest as follows:

May 25: Milan

May 26: Milan

May 27: Milan

May 28: Milan to Florency by train in morning

May 29: Florence

May 30: Florence

May 31: Florence to Venice by train in very early morning arriving in Venice at 9am

June 1: Venice

June 2: Venice to Milan to depart


Mid range budget is fine. The group is 12 people in the mid20s to early 30s so nightlife if/when possible woudl be great also. But museum visits and at least one cooking class also is wanted. Also maybe a day trip to Cinque Terre while in Florence.

Thanks! Cant wait to work with you on the itinerary!

nordic countries


we are planning to visit nordic  region(denmark, norway,iceland,finland, swenden) may be in the month of july or august. we want a relaxed and adventurous  trip may be like we wolud like to go for safari as we hv two 3yrs kiddos .

Trip ID 14362

My wife and I are planning to visit a bunch of Schengen countries. Definitely want to visit Austria (Vienna/Salzburg), Paris and Rome . Other options are ok. We are both vegetarians and need some food that we can eat :-)

Turkey trip

We are going to stay at the CVK Park Bosphorus Hotel in Istanbul for two days then go to Bursa and stay at the Crowne Plaza for two days after that we will come back to Istanbul for another three days. I want to use my time well and go to as many places as possible without tiring my father. We will have a driver in Istanbul to take us around. I am 20, and I will be going with my father who is 50 and my ten years old cousin. I do not want to visit any churches so please exclude them from the plan . Mosques are okay. As for restaurants, please recommend some that will be near the places we will be visiting. This is my first time traveling to a foreign country. I only went to countries near my own " Qatar," so all the places I went to spoke my language so it was easy but this time is different.
Looking forward to your plan. :) My trip is the day after tomorrow . on Thursday.