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Snigdha Jain

Lives in Mumbai, India

  • Eastern Europe

    I (along with my sister) have backpacked across numerous cities in the hidden jewels of Europe - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary.
  • Western Europe

    My love for Europe has taken me there 3 times and I have backpacked in Western Europe and been to Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain, that too on a commendable (tight) budget.
  • Cambodia

    I visited Siem Reap and Phnom Penh in Cambodia by chance, but fell in love with their culture, heritage, the local people and their handicrafts.
  • India

    I have lived in India all my life and have extensively traveled across numerous states namely Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, New Delhi and Punjab :) This massive country is diverse in many ways - culture, topography, language, people, food etc and a unique experience to discover these for yourself.
  • Singapore

    My best friend is based in Sinagapore and I have there 4 times over the last 3 years. Hence have a lot of local info and travel ideas for this place.
  • Italy

    I recently traveled to Northern Italy i.e. Venice, Florence, Pisa, Cinque Terre, Tuscany and Milan and discovered that Italy has a lot more to offer than just history and romance.
  • Switzerland

    I have explored Switzerland and discovered it has a lot more to offer than just a romantic getaway :)
  • Dubai

    I was in Dubai late last year and realised that there is so much more to Dubai than just shopping. It has its own unique culture, history, architecture and all that money can buy.
  • Hong Kong

    I have been to Hong Kong 4 times in the last 3 years and love its unique blend of East and the West and so many small things that are just Hong Kong.
  • Bangkok

    I have been to Bangkok and discovered quite a few hidden jewels of this city from amazing temples to flying in the air like a gibbon. :)
  • New York

    I love New York... I have explored New York from a completely new perspective.... Like a local and not a tourist. And this is a completely different New York from what you otherwise see in pics
Relaxing Trip to Thailand with Mom

I'm going to Thailand for 9-10 days. I'm looking forward to see natural wonders, buddhist monasteries. Any adventures - boat rides, treks etc would also be nice. We are looking for a relaxed time- do not want to rush from one place to the other. Relaxation, nutritious food is the priority.. I would like to avoid shopping and certainly no sleazy neighborhoods.. Also note that I'm 36 and will be travelling with my 63 year old mom. we are both vegetarians. Budget is around Rs. 1.2 to 1.5 lakhs.

Switzerland & Italy in under 2 weeks

Hi Snigdha,
I have already engaged with another ninja, so I would need your help with my stay in Switzerland (2-5) days may be.
As per your suggestion, I have dropped Vienna. So now, all I know is that I am reaching Interlaken at 12 midnight on 6th September and leaving from Rome on 20th. From 6th-19th I would be in Switzerland n Italy.
I have read a couple of your blogs and have been mighty impressed.
we cant start with broad breakup of number of days in Swiss and Italy and then work on the former.
Would need specific help on:
1) Stay in interlaken, given that am reaching there at midnight.
2) Things to do there and how many days
3) Travel from Switzerland to Venice

Dec 16-Jan 1st

hi there-

we are a family of 4 (2+ 2 kids 10Y &3 Y) like to do the December markets in germany then spain and Portugal in December ( spain ( Madrid, Seville, Cordoba Granada-- BCN is an added bonus but we have done that a couple times would be okay skiping it!).. Dec 16-jan1st at the Max . From seattle . -email: appreciate the itn and payment link:) thanks!

LMK what Itn youd suggest given we want to hit the warmest spot possb in europe( well as warm as we can find in Dec:)) and atleast 1-2 christmas market .. we'd love to use the local trains as much as we can .  ( Dietary restriction: vegetarians!)


LMK if you need anything else. you can email me at


thanks much.,


10 day Europe Trip

Hi Snigdha,

As you already know, I am planning a 10 day Eurpoe trip with my wife [ 10th September 2015 to 20th September 2015 ] on our way back to USA from India. The plan is to fly to  Amsterdam from India and fly back to USA from Rome. This will be the first Eurpe trip for both of us. We are thinking of visiting Amsterdam, Bruges/Brussels, Paris and finally see Italy (4-5 days). In Italy we are thinking about Venice, Florance and Rome. May be  Cinque Terre if it fits in. Open to changing locations other than Amsterdam and Rome based on your suggestions as well.

Planning to use public trasportation mostly for commute. Can consider flights in between if they are cheap and saves time (Paris to Venice ?). For stay looking for good comfortable accomodation which is not too pricy ( < $150 per day).  

There are no diatary restrictions for both of us. I am a foodie and like to try out local favorite food from the places I visit. My wife enjoys taking photos and looks forward to enhance her photography skills in each our trip :-)

We are thinking of backpacking and just carry one bag each.

Overall, looking forward to this trip to experience European culture, landscapes and food. Would be great if you could help us planning this trip in detail which includes specific destinations and things to do in each city, hotels to stay, and options of commute between these locations.

Excited to see plan this trip with your help.


Sumin Mohanan


Summer in Europe for Family of 5

Hi Snigdha

I saw your profile and blog and seems like you are an avid travel who loves food and isn't afraid to try new things and help others. My family and I are planning a trip to Europe this summer and I feel you'd be a great person to help plan the trip.

I'm excited to have you help me with the planning.


I need help creating an itinerary with a cost estimate including

- flights

- hotels or Airbnb

- transfer from airport to hotel or Airbnb

- local transport

- travel between cities within a country

- breakfast

- health insurance



Here are the details, please let me know if you need anything else.

People Traveling

Me = Anubhav Jain, Male, Age 38 (Flying from and back to San Francisco, CA, USA)

Mother - Sujata, Female, Age 59 (Flying from and back to New Delhi, India)

Father - Madhup, Male, Age 66 (Flying from and back to New Delhi, India)

Sister - Abhilasha, Female, Age 34 (Flying from and back to New Delhi, India)

Mausi - Pramila, Female, Age 68 (Flying from and back to New Jersey, USA)



We are planning to go to five countries

BELGIUM (Sujata, Madhup, Abhilasha, Pramila)

NETHERLANDS (Anubhav, Sujata, Madhup, Abhilasha, Pramila)

SWITZERLAND (Anubhav, Sujata, Madhup, Abhilasha, Pramila)

ITALY (Anubhav, Sujata, Madhup, Abhilasha, Pramila)

ENGLAND (Anubhav, Sujata, Madhup, Pramila)



This is a tentative plan. We are open to suggests for longer or shorter stays in some places

3 Night Amsterdam |

1 Night Geneva |

2 Night Interlaken |

3 Night Lucerne |

3 Night Venice |

2 Night Florence |

3 Night Rome


Brussels & Bruge

Arrive: Mon Jul 4, 2016
Depart: Mon Jul 11, 2016


Arrive from New Delhi (flights already booked)
- Sujata
- Madhup
- Abhilasha

Arrive from New Jersey (flight already booked)
- Pramila

- Anubhav



Arrive: Mon, 11 Jul, 2016 
Depart: Thu, 14 Jul, 2016 

Arrive on Mon 11 Jul 

- Sujata
- Madhup
- Abhilasha
- Pramila

Arrive on Tue 12 Jul (flight already booked)

- Anubhav


(All 5 travel together from this point onwards)



Arrive: Thu, 14 Jul, 2016 
Depart: Fri, 15 Jul, 2016


Arrive :Fri, 15 Jul, 2016 
Depart: Sun, 17 Jul, 2016 


Arrive: Sun, 17 Jul, 2016 
Depart: Wed, 20 Jul, 2016 


Arrive: Wed, 20 Jul, 2016 
Depart: Sat, 23 Jul, 2016 



Arrive: Sat, 23 Jul, 2016 
Depart: Mon, 25 Jul, 2016 


Arrive: Mon, 25 Jul, 2016 
Depart: Thu, 28 Jul, 2016 


Hotel and Travel

Could you make recommendations for places to stay at these locations (Airbnb or hotel) and include the cost of the following at these location 


  • Place to stay (hotel or Airbnb)

  • Internal flight from Brussels to Amsterdam 12:45 Mon, 11 Jul ZYR-16:04Mon, 11 Jul AMS 2h 19m (Non Stop) - 4 adults

  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Accommodation in Amsterdam

  • The 100 Highlights Cruise(Amsterdam)

  • Amsterdam - Holland Pass(Amsterdam)

  • Amsterdam Accommodation to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam


  • Place to stay (hotel or Airbnb)

  • Internal flight from Amsterdam to Geneva  

  • Unlimited Swiss Travel pass for 8 Days


  • Place to stay (hotel or Airbnb)

  • Jungfrau tour


  • Place to stay (hotel or Airbnb)

  • Tour of Mt. titles


  • Place to stay (hotel or Airbnb)

  • Internal Train  from Zurich to Rome 

  • Rome Station to Accommodation in Rome

  • Ancient Rome: Colosseum , Palatine Hill, Roman Forum(Rome)

  • Vatican Museums and St. Peter Basilica tour(Rome)

  • Accommodation in Rome to Rome Station 

  • Internal Train from Rome to Florence 



  • Place to stay (hotel or Airbnb)

  • Florence Station to Accommodation in Florence

  • Pisa and Piazza dei Miracoli Half-Day Tour from Florence

  • Accommodation in Florence to Florence Station

  • Internal train from Florence to Venice 


  • Place to stay (hotel or Airbnb)

  • Venice Station to Accommodation in Venice Mestre

  • Murano, Burano and Torcello Sightseeing

  • Accommodation in Venice Mestre to Venice Marco Polo Airport

  • Internal flight from Venice to London - 4 adults



Our total budget is about Rs. 6.5 lakhs


Please let me know if you need anything else.


Anubhav Jain



Italy - March 2018

Hi Snigdha,

I am using this platform for the first time as it sounds pretty interesting. I love to make my plans and enjoy doing that but wanted to try an experts help this time. I like your profile, amongst many things - one of the most appealing parts I read was 'Vegeterian' and I would love to hear some food tips along the way (that is one of the biggest headaches for me in European travel). Budget travel is the key. Moreover you are from Mumbai, which is perfect as you know exactly the routine I come from (I have lived most of my life in Mumbai, moved to London in end-2015).

My wife and I are planning to travel to Italy (tickets booked) for 23rd March (landing in Rome at 3:30pm) to 1st April (flying out from Venice at 4:30pm). This is our first time to Italy and as you can imagine, we would love to do Rome, Florence and Venice (at least). Also, our friends (a couple) are joining us in Florence on Tuesday, 27th March - this means we have to be in Florence at that time. Also, would like to keep that day a bit easy as I think the friends might be tired with the overnight flight. Apart from this, our trip plan is free to design.

We are interested in architecture, covering landmarks. But we do not want to do a lot of musuems (happy to do a few). New expereiences are always welcome. I am not super athletic, do not want to do strenous hikes/trekks. We are both ultra nature lovers and all-in for nature travel, i do not know how to squeeze in everything though as do not want to make it like a mission either - it is supposed to be a holiday after which I can get back to endless hours of work again :D

Accomodation - I prefer to use something cheap, preferably an accor hotel like ibis (gold membership comes in handy). 

Diet - all four of us are vegeterians

Please let us know if you have any questions. Would really welcome your expert guidance.2






Hello Snigdha,

I am Riddhish Shah, based in Mumbai  . Your profile and the various trips planned by you looked interesting and we wanted your valued inputs for planning our trip to Italy in end June - July .

Travellers : 2 (  My wife  Hemali and me  )

Age : Mid forties, fit and can do long walks. ( Me for sight seeing  and Hemali for Shopping ) 

First Time Visitors to Italy


Dates : 26th June arrival in Rome .

             Departure can be on 3 or 4 th July from Venice 


The arrival date is fixed, as we need to drop our daughter in Rome for joing an educational group  trip and then we continue independently.

We would be free to plan our itineary from 27th June afternoon.

Prelimnary cities which we have planned to cover : Rome, Florence and Venice ,  which is the typical circuit planned by the tour operators.

Romantic Gateway visiting the key places in the 3 cities , at an easy pace .

It is not necessary to visit all the sites just because it is listed on the tourist guide.  We can use the local transport if it is user friendly, safe and not too crowded and saves time. 

Also if you suggest , adding on Naples and Capri from Rome as a day excrusion. 

Maximum days would be 7-8 for this trip.   

Hotel Budget : 7K to 10 K /night,  Hotel preferable centrally located for transport ,food. 


Idea is to come back relaxed and with great memories.

Looking forward to planning an amazing trip with your personal insights and experiences.


Warm Regards,



Honeymoon trip to Italy and Switzerland

Hello Ms. Snigdha, My fiance and I are planning to go on a trip to Italy ans Switzerland for honeymoon. We are planning to spend about 9-10 days for the trip.  Tentative date for departure from India is July 5th.

We would like to visit the best places in Italy and Switzerland in the given time period. Our personal interests include visiting picturesque places / spending time in beautiful nature for half of the trip and we would also like to explore few more locations in Italy . We would like to get your suggestions to make our trip more memorable.

New york city - washington - philadelphia - niagara- ending in columbus

Hey Snigdha!


 You have helped many people in planning their travel and loved your attention to detail. I hope you help me in my plans of travelling too. I am living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am inviting my parents and my brother to the USA for the first time, for about 20 days. To make the most of it, I am planning to take them on the east USA trip. The list of places comprises of New york city, Philadelphia, washington, niagara and columbus in ohio.

 Would you please suggest me the best time to book tickets from New Orleans to New york city? I have tentative dates in mind such as May 14-May 26, 2018. If you give me a proper itinerary, I could book the flights for the actual number of days that we will be there up north.

 I would like the trip to be about 5-6 days long, covering all the places mentioned. My mom loves shopping too (budget), so, I would like you to include a certain number of hours for that, when in New York. I think I would like it, if we start the plan from New York. Arrive from New Orleans to New York, stay in an AirBnB or hotels (which ever is cheaper), look around New York city for 2 days, philadelphia for 1 day, washington for a day, niagara for a day and end it in columbus (ohio). I have a cousin in columbus, and would like to fly back from ohio to new orleans. The plans to columbus is tentative, subjected to the availability of my cousin, which I will confirm in 2 days. If we cancel out on columbus, you can include an extra day for any places you would suggest, and fly from New York back to New Orleans.


 We love trying out new cuisines, but strictly vegetarian (eggetarian I suppose :P). It would be great if you could suggest good restaurants during out travel plans.

  Would you also suggest the transportation means from one location to another? I get a little panicked when I cannot account for the mode / time of travel. I am sorry I am requesting a lot of tasks from you! :/ I can drive for short distances, but would distance myself from it for hours longer than 3-4 hours. None of the others in my family have a US license.


 Getting to the interests, since the trip is with my parents and brother, I would suggest to stay away from any pubs/discos from the plans, since none of us enjoy that. Sightseeing places, adventure things, fun things etc would be the best things for the trip. We would like to make the most out of it, while my parents can see the best of USA, New York state!

I am ready to spend upto 4000 USD for the trip including flight tickets for the 4 of us put together. I can be a little flexible and go up a little, if the trip demands it. But I would also like to keep some amount of money for shopping. (Shopping for a lot of cousins back home).

With all the interests as mentioned before, would you please chalk out an itineray for this first ever family trip for us? This would mean a lot for us. I am very poor with planning and your help is very much appreciated! Your repute speaks on your behalf. I trust you would come out with an awesome plan for us. Please let me know about the dates that would be best suited for the travel. That way, I can put in a leave notice for my work and also go ahead and book the flight tickets at the earliest.

Feel free to ask me any questions or if you are unclear of anything that I mentioned before.

Thank you so much! And again, very much appreciate your help!


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