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Prajwal Madhav

Lives in Bangalore, India

  • Eastern Europe

    I have backpacked in the Central and Eastern European countries of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.
  • Scandinavia / Nordic Countries

    The spectacular landscapes of Norway amazed me and I have hiked in the Hardangerfjord region around Bergen, the Sognefjord area near Flåm and the magical Lofoten Islands. Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki are the Nordic capital cities I have been to.
  • France

    I lived in France for 3 years and I have travelled extensively around most of the regions like the Loire Valley, Brittany, Bordeaux, Toulouse and the south west including the Pyrénées, Lyon, Grenoble and the Alps.
  • Egypt

    I can help with destinations within Egypt as diverse as Cairo, the Pyramids, the temples of Luxor, Karnak, Abu Simbel, the Bahariya Oasis, Aswan, the Sinai peninsula. I have also dived in the Red Sea.
  • Jordan

    I have travelled to Wadi Rum, Petra, the Dead Sea, some Crusader castles, Madaba and the northern Roman cities of Jerash and Umm Qais and would love to plan your trip there.
  • Italy

    An amazingly diverse country that I have visited three times and recommended to many people. I have visited Rome, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Naples, Pompeii, the Amalfi coast, Venice, Milan, Bolzano and the Dolomites.
  • Baltic States

    The not-so-visited Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are booming and full of surprises. The capital cities of Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius are delightfully colourful while their national parks are still quite untouched.
  • Greece

    I spent nearly three weeks exploring the Peloponnese peninsula, Crete, Santorini, Delphi, Meteora and Thessaloniki. I planned an itinerary for Greece and Turkey, which I have extensively researched for a couple of travellers.
  • Spain

    Catalonia (Barcelona, Girona, Tarragona), Andalusia (Seville, Granada, Cordoba, the Alpujarra mountains) and the Madrid region including Segovia and Toledo are the places I have visited in three visits to Spain.
  • Israel & the Palestinian territories

    I travelled independently to Israel and Palestine to visit Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Haifa, Acre, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, the Dead Sea and the amazing crater at Mitzpe Ramon in southern Israel.
  • Sri Lanka

    Serendipity brought me to Sri Lanka for 24 days where I went trekking, diving, whale watching and sightseeing. There are breathtaking mountains, turquoise seas, millennia-old monuments and sylvan national parks to choose from.
  • Madagascar

    I spent two months backpacking in this lost world visiting villages, beaches and national parks. Madagascar is a nature lover's paradise with endemic plants and animals like lemurs, amazing diving and snorkelling and chances of seeing whale sharks and humpback whales in some seasons.
  • Seychelles

    This archipelago of 115 islands is known for its paradisiacal beaches and is often considered as a honeymooners' luxury destination. I spent a week backpacking here and discovered that apart from beaches, there are trekking and diving options and if you have a limited budget, you could still visit the Seychelles!
  • Slovenia

    In 10 days, I explored caves, lakes like Bled and Bohinj, the coastal towns of Koper and Piran, did adventure outdoor sports like canyoning and kayaking in the Soča river valley and trekking in Kranjska Gora.
  • South India

    Having grown up and lived most of my life in Bangalore, I have visited various destinations in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry several times.
  • Valley of Flowers

    Visit this garden of Eden for an unforgettable experience in the lap of nature. I trekked in this amazing National Park and in lesser known beautiful areas around it in Uttarakhand.
France Croatia trip - By Madhu Sudhan - See this trip

Thanks to Prajwal for the wonderful guidance. We've managed to prepare an itinerary for all the places we're visiting.

Pragmatic and patient, helped me build a solid itinerary out of all the confusion I created - By Kashyap Paidimarri - See this trip
Our trip planning was in a state of chaos when we decided to take help. We had exactly a month and all we had were the flight tickets and a jumble of places and things-to-see that we had randomly aggregated. Prajwal made us understand the nonsense parts of our itinerary, helped up build a minimum viable product, advised on the macro planning like hotels and connections (note: advised as in purely advised, the actual grunt work of figuring out which hotel/train etc was done by us) and then helped refine the micro itinerary also. More than anything, having someone sensible and well travelled to talk to and sort out our confusion was the most valuable part of our interaction. He's extremely patient, does his research and helps build the itinerary as per our interests.

One negative that I'd like to however point out is that he could help a bit more on the practical parts. We ended up struggling with luggage on Paris' metro the day we reached Paris when it would have been far more sensible to take a cab for only a little more money (we were four people travelling). Had we known that the Paris metro isn't very luggage friendly, we wouldn't have attempted it. That would have been very valuable advice.

Irrespective, he actually cares about the actual act of 'travelling' beyond just the 'sightseeing'. Strongly recommend.

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Well traveled true Ninja! - By Anonymous - See this trip
Prajwal knows his stuff and all his suggestions turned out to be excellent. He reached out to me to understand our needs better before chalking out an itinerary that suited our needs. It was great working with him and I would recommend him to anybody thinking of travelling to France/Italy. Kudos!
If goin to Scandinavia Prajwal is the best. - By Rajesh Doshi - See this trip
This is my second tour with Ninja Prajwal. He is too good. First trip to Turkey extensive incl. Pammakule (never ever miss it) Greece with Santorini, Mykonos & Meteora n most amazing was Amalfi coast n Capri Island. That was exotic. He planed in thorough detail n was available on mail at all times. Felt like he is travelling with us.
Second trip Scandi navia incl Tallin (must go). St. Petersburg, Finland, Sweden n extensive Norway all way upto Lofoten(that is just class n amazing). It's a different experience. Go thr to beliv it n I met his friend in Lofoten who is eager to help. He gives meticulous plans in detail incl warnings like when I am visiting Naples. What else does one need.
Third trip Planning next year. Let's see whr Prajwal sends me next. Trust him completely. All credit to also to PLAN MY TRAVEL.

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Excellent Eurotrip! - By Harsha G Rao - See this trip

Hi Prajwal,

My name is Suhas, Harsha's friend. Harsha couldnt join us for the trip due to his work constraints in the last moment. So i am writing to you to share our experiences.

We (Rest of us who had gone for the trip) came back yesterday. Excited to say that everything was perfect, just the way we planned. We had a great time, we did almost everything possible, and covered all the activities listed under our itinerary. 

First week was a green treat, the Bavarian and the tirol countryside were treat to our eyes. Enjoyed driving through the alpine region.

Second week was more of adventure and adrenaline, Skydiving near Salzburg was just amazing, and the activities in Slovenian Bovec region was great fun too.

Third week, it was all sailing, sun and beaches. We did scuba diving and roamed around lot of beaches in Mykonos, crazy beach parties i must say. And spectacular Santorini.

To sum up, I am happy for the spectacular moments we had during our trip and happier for how smoothly the way things worked out according to the plan. Zero bitter moments and total paisa vasool. 

I thank your for helping us plan this epic trip. It was simply out of the world. Many thanks to you from each one of us who were part of the trip.

Suhas, Keerthan, Sathvick and Swaroop

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Euro Trip (France, Italy & Croatia) in 17 days

We are 2 Couple planning for a 17 days trip to Europe from June 6th to June 22th 2015. We want to cover France, Croatia and Italy.

Shraddha, my wife, and I will be traveling from Bangalore and port of entry is Paris(CDG). Sriram and Deepu are travelling from SFO and reaching CDG.
Our interest include nature/landscapes, history/museums, wine/gastronomy. Sriram and I love driving and are planning to hire / rent a car.

On the food preference, we are all vegetarians :)

Trip ID 10406

I am a 35 year old Indian male planning a solo trip to Switzerland and Paris. I am planning my trip from Mumbai sometime in Sept. I want a complete and detailed itinerary right from the time I land till the time I depart to India.

France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands

Hi Prajwal,

am going to germany on 24th with my parents to visit my cousin. we are planning to visit other europe countries while we are there...we would be flying back on 14th of septhember. i know this kinda off last minute, but its trip finallly we are able to do it but only have booked the tickets. your assitance would be a awesome help for me.

the plan is 5 days in france (paris and maybe someother u can recommend), 5 days in italy, 4 in Switzerland, n rest in belgium and netherlands.mostly we would like see the heritage, museum, any day tour available.

budget, not excatly on a shoestring, but sumthing in middle :), since am travelling matured crowd :P, comfortable and central location accomadation would be great and my aunt is vegetarian.

the approximate dates are required i tink, but the confusion is italy or france first. and my parents and my aunt are quite elderly, so  planning to come back to frankfurt in btw to rest. if i am confusing, am so sorry. hope to hear from you soon.









Travelling for 12-15 days max with my wife in September 2015, it will be the first international trip for both of us.

We'r from New Delhi and run a software firm called Stackmine technologies, think of as geeks :)

Where you're going:

We planned - Italy: Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan and Cinque Terre. France: Paris

but we'r flexible with our options, feel free to recommand any other place or country.

What are your interests (or those of your co-travelers):

  • food

  • history

  • art

  • fashion

  • movies

  • shopping

Budget (especially the range you would pay for accommodation):

Prefered - 4000 to 6000 Rs/night - wifi

Works - 6000-8000 Rs/night - wifi

Dietary restrictions (is anyone in your group vegetarian?):

One person is vegetarian (wife)

Anything else that we should know:

Haven't applied for the Visa yet.





Honeymoon Trip to Europe in December

- where we are going

Planning to go to Italy or Spain

- approximate dates

From December 10th to 20th, 2015

- with whom

With my Fiance, Nikita Gupta

- what are our interests

 We are going on Honeymoon and would like to visit romantic places with some time to spend with each other in between.

- budget

 We am planning to spend around 2Lakh for the trip.

- dietary restrictions

 We eat mostly veg and in non veg we preffer chicken, so that should not be a problem.

- anything else that you should know

We Want to make this a memorable trip with balance between travelling and leisure.

We have choosen Italy/Spain, as the weather in these countries, at that time of the year is relatively more supportive for travel than other European countries.

Please feal free to suggest other places which can make trip memorable and worthwhile.

Also, as we need to make visa arrangements, We will need your guidance in that asap as we have almost 3 months to go. 

Paris and Bordeaux Area

My boyfriend and I have airline tickets to Paris, arriving 10/22, flying out 10/29.  

The plan is to hit Paris the day we get there and take a train to Bordeaux on 10/23.  We've both been to Paris before, so we don't need to see any of the big tourist sites.  We'd just like to find a nice area to stroll through where we can have a relaxing lunch.  And somewhere where I can take nice pictures.

For Bordeaux, we really planned this as a wine trip, but would really like to explore the area as well.  We love historic towns, architecture, basically anything that is going to stretch our horizons.  

We're not sure how much time we should spend in Bordeaux, or if we should decamp for another town and spend a few nigths there.  All we know is that we have a flight back on 10/29 from CDG at 4:30 pm.  Going back to Paris early for an extra day there is also an option.

We plan on renting a car if needed.  

We already have a hotel in Bordeaux at Le Boutique Hotel, check in 10/23, check out 10/27, but the reservation is refundable.  If you have suggestions for a nice place in Bordeaux we can entertain that.  When it comes to hotels, we're not too particular about the vibe -- it can be modern/hip or more Bed and Breakfast.  Just as long as it's clean.  And we'd like it to be closer to the town center.  Trying not to spend more than $200/night.

When I was doing some research, I was getting bombarded with a lot of ideas, like Arcachon, Sarlat, St Emilion.  I just don't know what's doable in the time we have.  But we do have a lot of flexibility.

Did I mention that wine (vineyards, wine bars, etc), will be an important part of this trip?

Quick Eurotrip

Good evening-

I wish to arrive in Europe on July 13/14 and spend time in Scandinavia. Specifically, Norway and the Fjords are what I am interesterd in seeing. I would also like to stop in Munich and spend a few days in London. My departure date from Europe back to the US is around July 27/28, but can be extended if needed.

I am mainly going to backpack through by myself. I am interested in staying at friendly hostels and meeting fellow travelers and enjoying some of the night life as well. 

I haven't been to Europe since 2010 and I am looking to spend time seeing the landscapes and any sites that are worthy to see. Looking forward to your recommendations.




Sri Lanka short break


My husband and I want to do a short trip from 13-17 August.  We are not adventure enthusiasts and prefer a medium paced holiday.  Since its monsoon season, not sure which parts of Sri Lanka would be okay to visit.  On the accommodation side, we prefer boutique luxury/ 5 star properties.  While we both are foodies and would like to experience the local cuisine, I am a vegetarian so please keep that in mind while recommending places to eat. 


Hi Prajwal!

We spoke some time back.. My wife and I are planning a trip to Europe (France, Belgium and the Netherlands). We are thinking of Flying in on Sept 3rd and Fly out on 14 or 15th. Haven’t Booked any Tickets yet.. We were thinking of staying in Paris for about 5 days/ Belgium 2/3 days and in Amsterdam 2/3 days.  My wife is keen on Visiting Millau Viaduct - but not sure if that's possible.. Let us know if it’s a good idea to  fly to southern France (Toulouse) to cover Millau.

We are on a budget and need your help with –

The itinerary (would be great if we could cover Millau/if not – that’s fine)

Hotels to stay in (connectivity/ clean beds and bathrooms)

Inter-city/land transport recommendations   

Street food/ local cuisine

Things to do in Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. 

Dos and Don’ts / Must Dos/Sees

We can do Day tours in Brussels and Amsterdam (even Paris) - let us know if you recommend any?

Also- any paragliding options/ experience tours? 

Anything that helps make our exp better/ get more value out of our time.

No dietary restrictions as such - except for Beef.

We have a budget of around 3 la.

Any guidance on visa process/ I just have my first name on my passport – would that be a problem? (Have US, UK and NZ visas)

We would like to close and make our reservations (especially hotels and airlines) as soon as possible.

Let me know if you need any other information. Am reachable on 9663 266 255.  




Madrid-Paris-Barcelona Trip



Destination - Spain - Madrid, Valencia or Paris (If we can accomodate - For the obvious reason-Eiffel Tower- wife's request) and  Barcelona

Dates - 1st March till 11th March

Triptype - Honeymoon

Interests - Sports, Adventure, culture, Food, Art,History, Scenic Beauty, Beaches

Diet - Vegetarian

MISC - Have booked a ticket for the Barcelona vs PSG Champions League Match on 8th March

Would require the help ASAP.


Thanks & Regards,