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Prajwal Madhav

Lives in Bangalore, India

  • Eastern Europe

    I have backpacked in the Central and Eastern European countries of Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.
  • Scandinavia / Nordic Countries

    The spectacular landscapes of Norway amazed me and I have hiked in the Hardangerfjord region around Bergen, the Sognefjord area near Flåm and the magical Lofoten Islands. Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki are the Nordic capital cities I have been to.
  • France

    I lived in France for 3 years and I have travelled extensively around most of the regions like the Loire Valley, Brittany, Bordeaux, Toulouse and the south west including the Pyrénées, Lyon, Grenoble and the Alps.
  • Egypt

    I can help with destinations within Egypt as diverse as Cairo, the Pyramids, the temples of Luxor, Karnak, Abu Simbel, the Bahariya Oasis, Aswan, the Sinai peninsula. I have also dived in the Red Sea.
  • Jordan

    I have travelled to Wadi Rum, Petra, the Dead Sea, some Crusader castles, Madaba and the northern Roman cities of Jerash and Umm Qais and would love to plan your trip there.
  • Italy

    An amazingly diverse country that I have visited three times and recommended to many people. I have visited Rome, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Naples, Pompeii, the Amalfi coast, Venice, Milan, Bolzano and the Dolomites.
  • Baltic States

    The not-so-visited Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are booming and full of surprises. The capital cities of Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius are delightfully colourful while their national parks are still quite untouched.
  • Greece

    I spent nearly three weeks exploring the Peloponnese peninsula, Crete, Santorini, Delphi, Meteora and Thessaloniki. I planned an itinerary for Greece and Turkey, which I have extensively researched for a couple of travellers.
  • Spain

    Catalonia (Barcelona, Girona, Tarragona), Andalusia (Seville, Granada, Cordoba, the Alpujarra mountains) and the Madrid region including Segovia and Toledo are the places I have visited in three visits to Spain.
  • Israel & the Palestinian territories

    I travelled independently to Israel and Palestine to visit Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Haifa, Acre, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, the Dead Sea and the amazing crater at Mitzpe Ramon in southern Israel.
  • Sri Lanka

    Serendipity brought me to Sri Lanka for 24 days where I went trekking, diving, whale watching and sightseeing. There are breathtaking mountains, turquoise seas, millennia-old monuments and sylvan national parks to choose from.
  • Madagascar

    I spent two months backpacking in this lost world visiting villages, beaches and national parks. Madagascar is a nature lover's paradise with endemic plants and animals like lemurs, amazing diving and snorkelling and chances of seeing whale sharks and humpback whales in some seasons.
  • Seychelles

    This archipelago of 115 islands is known for its paradisiacal beaches and is often considered as a honeymooners' luxury destination. I spent a week backpacking here and discovered that apart from beaches, there are trekking and diving options and if you have a limited budget, you could still visit the Seychelles!
  • Vietnam

    I backpacked for three weeks in this beautiful country with magnificent landscapes, delicious food and friendly people.
  • Morocco

    I travelled across Morocco in a camper van from south to north through its main cities like Marrakesh, Fez, Rabat and Casablanca as well the the countryside littered with kasbahs, dunes, mountains and valleys.
  • Malta

    This tiny nation of three islands in the Mediterranean definitely packs a punch. I've been to Malta, its smaller cousin Gozo and tiny Comino and would have easily spent 10 days there.
  • Slovenia

    In 10 days, I explored caves, lakes like Bled and Bohinj, the coastal towns of Koper and Piran, did adventure outdoor sports like canyoning and kayaking in the Soča river valley and trekking in Kranjska Gora.
  • South India

    Having grown up and lived most of my life in Bangalore, I have visited various destinations in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry several times.
  • Valley of Flowers

    Visit this garden of Eden for an unforgettable experience in the lap of nature. I trekked in this amazing National Park and in lesser known beautiful areas around it in Uttarakhand.
France Croatia trip - By Madhu Sudhan - See this trip

Thanks to Prajwal for the wonderful guidance. We've managed to prepare an itinerary for all the places we're visiting.

Pragmatic and patient, helped me build a solid itinerary out of all the confusion I created - By Kashyap Paidimarri - See this trip
Our trip planning was in a state of chaos when we decided to take help. We had exactly a month and all we had were the flight tickets and a jumble of places and things-to-see that we had randomly aggregated. Prajwal made us understand the nonsense parts of our itinerary, helped up build a minimum viable product, advised on the macro planning like hotels and connections (note: advised as in purely advised, the actual grunt work of figuring out which hotel/train etc was done by us) and then helped refine the micro itinerary also. More than anything, having someone sensible and well travelled to talk to and sort out our confusion was the most valuable part of our interaction. He's extremely patient, does his research and helps build the itinerary as per our interests.

One negative that I'd like to however point out is that he could help a bit more on the practical parts. We ended up struggling with luggage on Paris' metro the day we reached Paris when it would have been far more sensible to take a cab for only a little more money (we were four people travelling). Had we known that the Paris metro isn't very luggage friendly, we wouldn't have attempted it. That would have been very valuable advice.

Irrespective, he actually cares about the actual act of 'travelling' beyond just the 'sightseeing'. Strongly recommend.

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Well traveled true Ninja! - By Anonymous - See this trip
Prajwal knows his stuff and all his suggestions turned out to be excellent. He reached out to me to understand our needs better before chalking out an itinerary that suited our needs. It was great working with him and I would recommend him to anybody thinking of travelling to France/Italy. Kudos!
If goin to Scandinavia Prajwal is the best. - By Rajesh Doshi - See this trip
This is my second tour with Ninja Prajwal. He is too good. First trip to Turkey extensive incl. Pammakule (never ever miss it) Greece with Santorini, Mykonos & Meteora n most amazing was Amalfi coast n Capri Island. That was exotic. He planed in thorough detail n was available on mail at all times. Felt like he is travelling with us.
Second trip Scandi navia incl Tallin (must go). St. Petersburg, Finland, Sweden n extensive Norway all way upto Lofoten(that is just class n amazing). It's a different experience. Go thr to beliv it n I met his friend in Lofoten who is eager to help. He gives meticulous plans in detail incl warnings like when I am visiting Naples. What else does one need.
Third trip Planning next year. Let's see whr Prajwal sends me next. Trust him completely. All credit to also to PLAN MY TRAVEL.

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Excellent Eurotrip! - By Harsha G Rao - See this trip

Hi Prajwal,

My name is Suhas, Harsha's friend. Harsha couldnt join us for the trip due to his work constraints in the last moment. So i am writing to you to share our experiences.

We (Rest of us who had gone for the trip) came back yesterday. Excited to say that everything was perfect, just the way we planned. We had a great time, we did almost everything possible, and covered all the activities listed under our itinerary. 

First week was a green treat, the Bavarian and the tirol countryside were treat to our eyes. Enjoyed driving through the alpine region.

Second week was more of adventure and adrenaline, Skydiving near Salzburg was just amazing, and the activities in Slovenian Bovec region was great fun too.

Third week, it was all sailing, sun and beaches. We did scuba diving and roamed around lot of beaches in Mykonos, crazy beach parties i must say. And spectacular Santorini.

To sum up, I am happy for the spectacular moments we had during our trip and happier for how smoothly the way things worked out according to the plan. Zero bitter moments and total paisa vasool. 

I thank your for helping us plan this epic trip. It was simply out of the world. Many thanks to you from each one of us who were part of the trip.

Suhas, Keerthan, Sathvick and Swaroop

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Madrid-Paris-Barcelona Trip - By Ajith venkatesh - See this trip

"Hey Prajwal,

Ajith here. Sorry for being very late in writing this review mate.

Below is our trip experience followed by the review.


The first 3 days were in Madrid. We enjoyed the complete city tour in the chilling weather with occasional sunlight. Starting with Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Palacio Real, Almuneda Cathedral,  Salamanca quarter, Gran via high streets, Temple of debod, Plaza de Cibeles and refreshing El Retiro (park) where we rowed our own boat. Being a veggie, Churros con chocolate was our life line throughout.

We left Madrid and arrived in Paris on a rainy day.

In Paris, started with a evening stroll in the Boulevard Saint Michel and the Boulevard Saint Germain followed by a view of the city atop Eiffel tower in the late evening. On the next morning started out with a guided tour of Notre dam cathedral,Explored the Loure museum and Jardin des Tuileries, Place de la Concorde, took a peek of the Opéra National de Paris and the Assemblée Nationale.

The next day we wandered in the Champs- Élysées, spent time near Arc de Triomphe, walked past the Pont Neuf bridge across Seine river, took a cruise and had glimpses of most of the famous monuments across Paris. On demand, headed back to Bir Hakeim Bridge and experienced the luminous splendour of the sparkling Eiffel tower in the freezing cold to end the city tour on a high. 

We took your suggestion of having a glimpse of the countryside of france and spain by travelling in the TGV train from Paris to Barcelona.             `

In Barcelona, took almost all possible ways to commute like Local bus, Metro, Taxi, Funicular, Cable car, Cruise.

On the first evening took a stroll in Las Ramblas, the street buzzing with tourists and street performers. Also visited the Mercat San Josep de la Boqueria , the busy city market. Finally found a Punjabi restaurant where we understood the value of Indian staple food.

On the second day, wandered in placa de catalunya, visited park guell and rushed back to the stadium for the Barcelona vs PSG match. It was an epic match where we could experience the Barca brand of football in a thrilling turn of events which gave goosebumps and could witness the passion inside the stadium and the carnival like celebration of the victory across the city.

The next day we headed towards Tibidabo, the hill station with a church, amusement park where we could have a bird’s eye view of the entire city’s land which is covered by Mediterranean Sea on one side, hills on the other two sides.

On the final day we ventured to Montjuic, another beautiful hill station with a catalunian castle where we can have a panaromic view of the city. We experienced the thrill of cable car. We got back to our place and rushed in the same taxi(almost cinematic - thanks to the taxi driver from ecuador) to Barcelona airport to catch the flight to Madrid from where our flight back to India was scheduled.

Overall, the trip was a memorable one for us. We had some life time experiences."


We were unsure about our travel plans even after few initial bookings. The days were fast approaching and we needed a quick fix. We were basically looking for a blueprint or a readymade guide. Prajwal had already guided my friends for their euro trip and all heaped praises on his meticulous guidance.

Our original last minute plan included three cities in Spain - Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. Paris replaced Valencia in the Nth moment because my wife asked for the reasonable incentive [cliched view of the Eiffel tower ;)] for her to watch football grounds and a match (FCB vs PSG - UCL(2017) match at Camp nou).

Prajwal suggested to cover 3 cities during the 10 day trip for a thorough experience.He had given a lot of insider tips viz the appropriate transport modes to be used like metros, city tours and the roadmap for each of those cities, places and landmarks which highlight the traditional, historical and modern aspects of the concerned cities, nuances of the local food culture along with the timings, restaurants and cuisines to try out, etiquette that helps blend and interact with the local people, localities and places to stay which are safe, in the city center and also cost effective, to be wary about certain dangers like pickpocketing and the tourist traps which immensely helped us to be alert and equipped in order to have a tension free experience.

He bowls you over with his vast knowledge and insight about the fabric of the French and Spanish societies and economies. All this stems from his extensive travelling experiences coupled with his passion for languages, culture and civilization. His friendly demeanor, calmness and patience in answering all the silly questions and doubts you have as a novice traveler brings out the teacher in him and also reflects his modesty.

Would love to avail his guidance every time I think of a trip. 

A kannada proverb goes like Desha Suttu Kosha Odu. (To know the world, Travel the places and Read the books) -

Prajwal is one such rare person who has done(doing) both. A TRUE TRAVEL NINJA to the CORE \m/

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Europe trip with parents

I'm travelling with my parents to Europe. However, all we have until now are the flight tickets and visa (and cancelable bookings for hotels). We've not frozen our itinerary yet and therefore been unable to book accommodation and tickets.

The reason we're in this state is because we thought of planning our trip ourselves but things only seem to get more complex as we read up. We'll have 14 days and are looking to cover approximately: Paris, Lucerne, Venice, Florence, Rome and if it makes sense one of either Nice or the Amalfi Coast.

Should we visit Greece?

Me, my wife and our (almost) 2 yr old son want to visit Greece and we have many questions about cost, convenience, recommendations, etc...

Paris and Italy - June 2014

We are a couple who like to backpack around 2-3 days in Paris, a day in the South of France and rest of the days in Italy! We love exploring old places and interested in history, but not 'spend hours in museums' kind. We will be reaching France on 6th June and leaving from Milan on 22nd June.

Would need recommendations on budget accommodations, best way to travel between places (train/air/car), what is a must see and what can be missed. We would love to explore a couple of real italian village towns if possible.

We both are foodies but not the fine dining type. Would love to eat what the locals eat.

Looking forward to your suggestions.

Tentative Itinerary:

Paris - > Nice - > Rome - > Naples - > Florence - > Venice - > Milan

We would like to fit in Cinque Terra too here if possible. Not very keen on spending a lot of time in Florence.

Need help in understanding the best mode of transport b/w all these places, where to travel first etc.

Some logistics around managing a SIM card that works in France and Italy would also help.

We understand most of the 'attractions' have a long waiting queue. Would like some tips on beating the queue as well.

PS: We have booked accommodation in Paris already and are need help in planning the trip from Nice onwards.

Trip to Scandinavia

I'm planning a trip to Scandinavia. Will share more details as we discuss.

Euro Trip

Hi there,

We a group of 5 people are planning for a trip to visit Europe this summer. And this is what we would be looking for.

-Greece, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, South of Germnay (Bavaria) for 20 days
- In the second half of August (Flexible with this)
- 5 guys (age ~25 years around)
-Adventure, Activities, Off-Beat, Night-Life, Road trip, Camping
- Budget Accommodation - 10~15 Euros / day / person
- All are vegetarian

East Europe: Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Vienna - 10 Days

Hi, I am a vegan living in Dubai. I would like to make a short trip in mid-june for 6-8 days. I will fly out using Hungarian airline Wizzair from Dubai to Bucharest. From there I would like an itinerary that allows me to see Dracula's castle, then after that I would like to visit (in no particular order) Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Montenegro. I would like to know if it is possible to to this by train or bus rather than plane as I would like to see the scenery if possible. I am also open to an adventure/trek and spending 1-2 days in each country.

I would like to end my trip and fly back to Dubai or Sharjah using any low cost carrier from Greece or Bulgaria or Turkey.

Lodging budget is max 70 euros. Flights budget I am not too worried about. Once you give me an itinerary I will book my flights.

I am pure vegan and have serious diet problems when I travel. Hope you can recommend vegan friendly places if you know of them.

If you feel the number of days is too less, please give me an itinerary of maximum 9 days (if it costs me extra I will pay on this website). I am interested in seeing ancient historical castles and ruins. I am not interested in shopping, partying or getting drunk.

Europe trip

Iam attending the world young leader conference to be held at Matera,Italy during Oct' 1-5.
1. I plan on reaching Italy ( Milan/Rome) couple of days before the conference starts and visit places
2. Post Oct' 5th , I would want to visit other European destinations
3. Would want to leave for India from Paris a week /10 days later.
4. I want to fly out of Hyderabad airport
5. I want to do this backpacker kind of a trip & would be traveling alone.
6. I can be reached on +91-9704377774

Europe (Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria) in 16 days

Planning a 16 day europe trip.
Paris - 2 days
Switzerland - Zungfrou or Mt. Titlis/Interlaken - 2 days
Italy : Cinque Terra (1.5 day)
Italy : Florence, Pisa (1 day)
Italy : Tuscany ( 1 day)
Italy : Rome (3 days - potentially add Naples and Pompei)
Italy : Venice (1 day) ( Verona on the side can be done - Opera can be done here)
Austria : Vienna ( 1 day)
Austria : Salzburg (1 day)

Honeymoon - Europe

Greece or Italy? (You suggest considering the weather in January)
Departure Date - 31st Dec or 2nd Jan
With my Wife (Honeymoon)
Relaxed trip. Interests in Scenic/Natural Beauty, history/culture.
Budget - Rs. 2 lacs to Rs. 3 lacs
Trip duration - 9 to 10 nights excluding travel time to and from India.
Note - We can also club both Greece & Italy if possible or Greece & Turkey , if possible.

Provence, France in 15 days for a couple

St. Raphael, Cote d'Azur and other parts of Provence, France.

August 30, 2015 through September 13, 2015.

My wife and I, both in our early 70's and in very good health, are staying in St. Raphael, France from 30 August to 6 September.

We are flying into Geneva, Switzerland around August 26, staying there for two night, going onto Lyon, France by rental car for two nights.

From Lyon we will travel south to St. Raphael to be there on August 30.

We will have a car in St. Raphael, but mainly for very local travel.  We plan to use train to explore coastal areas.  We need help in planning our activties for week in Cote d'Azur.  Places of interest are Nice, St. Tropez, perhaps Monaco if reasonable trip.  Narrow gauge train north out of Nice is of interest.  Grand Canyon is of interest.  We enjoy walking in scenic and interesting places, but are beyond hiking that involves much vertical, up or down.   We enjoy historic and ancient architecture/ruins.  We enjoy eating and wine, but with reasonable prices ($75 to $100 for dinner and glass of wine each).

After our stay in St. Raphael we wish to visit places of interest, beauty, and/or historical significance in Provence as we meander north back to Geneva for a September 13 flight back to Boston.  Hill towns are of interest as are Roman era structures, and even bigger towns with interesting centers and sites.  We have not made any arrangements for lodging for this part of our trip.  We're open to back roads (we'll have GPS) as long as they aren't in the mountains with many narrow windy turns.  We need help on planning a nice itinerary.

For lodging we would like to stay in the $150/nt range.  Ideally, we would spend three nights in each of two locations in Provence from which we could take daily auto trips to other locales.  Having a few interesting restaurants closeby is important for dinner.  Close by is within walking distance (preferable) or a five/ten minute drive.

If you have any insights for our short stays in Geneva and Lyon for lodging/restaurants/sight-seeing, we'd love to hear about them.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Jim and Bev Delaney

Reading, MA, USA