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Lives in New York, United States

  • Europe

    Studying in Europe provided me an opportunity to backpack through many countries within Western Europe. This love affair with Europe continued with my job as a consultant and I revisited my favourite cities and added more to the list .. Barcelona, Paris, Monte Carlo, Amsterdam, Rome, Pompeii, Berlin, Santorini, Istanbul, Dubrovnik .. the list keeps getting long.
  • Scandinavia / Nordic Countries

    From crossing the arctic circle in Rovaniemi, Finland to Fjords in Norway & from Tivoli Gardens in magical Copenhagen to trollin around in Gamla Stan in Stockholm; Scandinavian nations are as beautiful as they are expensive or distant to get to. Whether it's a trip to see the northern lights, trip to see where Voss water comes from or to the design studios in Helsinki, or a tour of "The girl with dragon tattoo series" destinations in Sweden, or trip to explore the Rave music scene (e.g. Avici, David Guetta) I can help plan it for you.
  • Caribbean Islands

    My travels to Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Bahamas have enabled me to curate trips for friends and family planning to visit the Caribbeans. Avoiding hurricane season, getting all inclusive or travel deals, water and other adventure activities and beaches are only some of the areas where my experiences, tips and research can come handy while planning a trip to the Carribeans
  • The Bahamas

    I spent most of my Christmas/Holiday break in the beautiful waters of Bahamas. With about 700 islands and cayes as they call it, Bahamas is the crown jewel of Carribeans with its not so deep waters in myriad shades of azure, dreamy white or pink powder sand, rich aquatic life and the laid back Caribbean culture. Planning a trip to Bahamas can either become overwhelming or too myopic (most cruise ships and tours only take you to Nassau & Paradise islands) and hence based on my own travel and research, I think i am well equipped to guide you through planning a dream trip whether its lazing around in the "flats or low lying beaches", renting out boats, swimming with the sharks, exploring the out islands or tasting the local cuisine at "fish & fry" . You cannot but miss the "Bahamian Ting" & Tan!
  • United States of America (USA)

    I have been a tourist and I have been a resident in this country. This gives me the unique advantage of curating trips and experiences that give you the local flavor along with the checklist items. Whether it's hustle bustle in NY, the Las Vegas extravaganza, New Orleans culture, Chicago's architecture, the national parks or the scenic west coast, I can help plan it. If you are into the Burning Man, or Coachella, Fashion Week or Super bowl, I can help plan it !
  • Iceland

    If there is one word to describe Iceland, I'll say unique and if there are two, I'll say unique and expensive. Between a life time opportunity of witnessing northern lights in their full glory, relaxing in geothermal spas at dreamy blue lagoon, hot springs at geysir, stepping on the tectonic plates in Pingvellir national park, getting splashed at Gulfoss waterfall, exploring glaciers and volcanoes and eating whale, shark and puffin meats, this is an experience that's unlike any other you'll have
  • Croatia

    Having recently travelled extensively through Croatia and blogging about it; I am bubbling with trip recommendations based on my own experiences and research. I have already helped plan itineraries for this romantic and gorgeous country and have personal tips and recommendations about visa and travel in Croatia.
  • New York

    I may not claim to be a globetrotting, soul searching Elizabeth Gilbert or a Manhattan traipsing Carrie Bradshaw but I do share a few things with these ladies; the quest for love, the wanderlust, the love of shoes, giddiness over good wine, good food and all the good stuff. Most importantly I would like to stake claim over the insatiable joie de vivre and love for New York (my current abode) in particular with Carrie. Living in New York City for the past 3 years, I have fallen in love with this city for different reason every time. Between it's blinding lights, crazy traffic, bustling tourism and snooty residents, there is no city like New York City. In all this chaos, you can find your own rhythm, your interest, your cuisine, your cafe and your locality if you are ready to look. I can help you plan your version of a trip to NY; whether it's an insider's version of New York, the tourist version of New York, the fashionista version of New York, the foodie's version of New York or the sports fan's version of New York, you get the drift...
Thanks!! - By AK - See this trip
Hey Parul,

Thanks very much for your suggestions! Had a fantastic time in Iceland even though the northern lights didn't show themselves! The glacier hike (through Iceland adventures) and whale watching (through Elding) were the absolute highlights of the trip. Thanks for suggesting those!

Wish the service was much better - By Sangita Rajan - See this trip

I have never had a bad experience with before. this is the first ever time I have had to deal with a ninja who is absolutely irresponsive and disappears when asked for help. I would absolutely never recommend this ninja to anyone. 

Completely unpleasant. i wish i had made a better choice. 



Honeymoon in Latin America/Caribbean

We would like to go to Latin America and/or Caribbean for our honeymoon

Itinerary: Croatia trip for two

Leisure trip for 2 in croatia

Reykjavik and Around in 4 Days

I'm going to Iceland for 4 days with one friend. I'm looking forward to Northern lights chasing and highlights of Reykjavik & around.. Also note that 1) I have a small fracture in my foot, so can't do something strenuous such as hiking. 2) Neither of us drive.

first trip to usa

i am alone so far now ,dates approx from 16 may to 18 june
budget is from 1 to 1.5 lakhs
,no dietary restriction open to all i am a foodie ,this is my first trip so i want to explore the usa like a local person i want to enjoy there culture if any doubts pls contact me


Hey Parul! 

Thanks in advance for helping me plan my vacay. 

  • - where you're going - Jamaica

  • - approximate dates - Anywere between March 17- April 15th. Just looking for good deals at this point. 

  • - with whom - just my husband & Myself. 

  • - what are your interests (or those of your co-travelers) - we are open to any activity. But do not want to make it extremely strenuous. we are fun and would love to explore. 

  • - budget (especially the range you would pay for accommodation) - I would like to keep it at a minimum. but definitely comfortable accomodation, does not have to be super lavish. but if the place is known for being luxurious we wouldnt mind spending there. 

  • - dietary restrictions (is anyone in your group vegetarian?) - I am a vegetarian, okay with egg. But not a major Foodie so that helps. 

  • - anything else that we should know - we would like to cover as much as possible. I do need tips on places to visit, stay, eat, and so forth. we would be renting a car to travel at our convenience. I would like to be able to use your plan and not have to worry about further



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Icelandic Adventures - on Aug 7 2014:

If there is one word to describe Iceland, I’d say unique. If you'd ask me in two words, I’d say unique and expensive and if you want multiple words – read my blog(s) :). 

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