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jan slingerland

Lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe

  • Holland / The Netherlands

    Native Dutch, lived in Amsterdam for almost 20 years, guide in Amsterdam for over 10 years. Did many tours to the flowerfields in April (flourishing season only april), did many tours to the windmills, Extensive knowledge of history of Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Europe. Knowledge of hidden gems; less visited sights and museums. Eager to provide you with helpfull practical information.
  • Belgium

    Visited our neighboring country many times, including doing tours there. Well able to plan your trip there, estimate how much time you need, which highlights and places are worth visiting. Able to give you advise how to combine this country with other countries in (North-Western) Europe. Good knowledge of rail and busconnections to neighbouring countries like France (Paris, The Netherlands (Amsterdam), UK (London), Germany (Koln)
  • Norway

    Know how about how to visit the nicest fjords in a relatively short-time. Norway is beautifull, but expensive. My travel advise might save you time and money
  • Italy

    Knowledge of the most interesting artistic and historic highlights of this birth country of European art. I could help you planning your trip in such a way that you see many of the artistic highlights in a relatively short time.
  • Tanzania

    know how of how to find good value for money safari's in this wildlife-paradise. know how of how to find cheap and or convenient flights to Tanzania and neighbouring Kenya. Able to advise you how to travel by bus and ferry in Tanzania and Kenya and from Tanzania to Kenya and the other way round.
  • Thailand

    Visited this country which is fantastic to relax and enjoy life many times. I'm able to advise you an itinarary which is suitable for you specifically including all kind of practical advise for example regarding how to get fast and/or comfortable from place to place.
  • Indonesia

    I think i'm able to offer valuable and helpfull know-how of the highlights of Bali and Eastern Java and helpfull tips on practical issues of travelling in and to Indonesia.
  • Mexico

    I would recommend visiting this country in case you would like to get a taste of Latin America. My experience is the Yucatan peninsula (south-east mexico) is safe and offers an interesting combination of historic (maya) sights, nice beaches, characteristic colourfull colonial towns, unique lakes in caves where you can swim in and some nice wildlife, including nestling grounds of sea-turtles and reserves with some impressive birdlife including large colonies of flamingoes, pelicans, frigatebirds
  • Egypt

    Country with impressive antiquities. The Red sea offers a fantastic marine wildlife and great opportunities to snorkel and dive as well. With the right planning and tips it's possible to make a great trip in this country in a couple of weeks time, combining historic highlights, experiencing the great Nile River south of Luxor and seeing some of the worlds most fantastic coral reefs. I will provide you with information what to visit, how to travel there and how to control costs and stay safe.
  • India

    As many of you will know, this country offers a wide range of archeological, historic, cultural, religious and wildlife highlights. I visited more than 30 places in Northern and central India, including some less known highlights and several of great places to see some of the great wildlife which still exists in India. I think although not Indian myself i'm able to give you some valuable tips on where to go in case you are interested in artistic, historic and highlights of wildlife of India
  • Sri Lanka

    The relatively small island state offers an interesting combination of historic, cultural and natural highlights which can easily combined with some relaxaion on its great beaches. Distances are relatively limited. It's possible to relax and see a lot in just 2 to 3 weeks without travelling immense distances. I will help you putting an interesting itinarary together suiting your specific interests.