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Maria Bilton

Lives in Iceland

  • Iceland

    I fell in love with Iceland a few years ago and returned several times before realising that I wanted (needed!) to stay longer... So I got myself a volunteering job (in return for food and accommodation) and have been here ever since! I volunteer in a small hotel in downtown Reykjavik, so I help the guests with where to go, how to get there, and various little tips about Reykjavik and the whole of Iceland. I have so much love for this crazy country and I want to share it!
  • United Kingdom (UK)

    I'm British! This is where I am originally from, and I come here frequently to visit my family. I have lived in the East Midlands and Yorkshire, but I also know London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff and pretty much everywhere else!
  • Ireland

    I spent my teenage years (and early 20's) in Ireland. Before we moved here, my family and I did a tour of every county in the country - so yes, I know Ireland very well! I've lived in Dublin, and rural Ireland. I've also worked in hotels in Dublin and Clare, telling guests where to go and what to see (and what not to!). I can tell you where to get the best pint, the quaintest streets for photos, the most impressive castles to see, and where to go leprechaun spotting...
  • Norway

    I volunteered in Norway for 2 months, exploring Oslo, Kristiansand, Stavanger and the Setesdal Valley. Even though I haven't been (yet!), I know about Bergen, Tromsø and various places around this beautiful country. I can suggest where to go for outdoor activities such as hiking and winter sports too.