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Anusha Narayan

Lives in Bangalore, India

  • South Africa

    went on a 4 day safari to the Kruger National Park.Went with an intention of spotting the Big Five and yes I did.I happened to spot them over 4 safaris.I stayed in the gaming reserve and that was an experience in itself.We were looked after by very friendly staff and , rangers who were very qualified and knew exactly where to take us and about all the animals there.It is a very safe vacation for families planning with little children.And a must visit for wildlife enthusiasts.
  • China

    At first had no idea what a country like china would have to offer.The feeling to go to a new land unknown is by far the best.I travelled to Shanghai and Beijing both of which are concrete jungles with tall structures, buildings and are highly developed.Only by exploring this vast country do you realize that it also has a whole lot of history,architecture, culture and heritage to offer and talk about. Great wall of China,The Summer palace,Tiananmen square and Forbidden city are not to be missed.
  • Cambodia

    Visited Cambodia on a family holiday and fell in love with the Country.We travelled around in 'tuk-tuks' there local auto rickshaws (mode of transport).Visited the grandeur temple Angkor Wat in Siem Reap .The people are very welcoming and hospitable.
  • Germany

    Been to Berlin and Munich in Germany along with my husband.both cities are very different and, have different types of monuments and sites to offer.Best way to cover all the places of interest is by foot or their local transport.Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall must see in Berlin.Munich is famous for its Beer and the Oktoberfest.The BMW factory tour as well as visiting the welt with prior appointment is also something one must not miss.
  • Maldives

    Travelled to Maldives for the first time with family in October 2016. Researched on quite a few of the resorts and what they had to offer before my travel.Will be happy to help and share my knowledge on the resorts and activities one can do.
  • Istanbul

    Having Visited Istanbul on a 3 day break, I would definitely suggest it as a place worth visiting.Fell in love with the Hagia Sophia at first sight.The city also has many palaces and spice Bazaars to visit.
  • London

    Having lived in the UK for 2 years I have travelled around England.There are various small quaint towns and cities worth visiting over weekends which are a short distance away from London by road or rail.England also offers a wide variety of landscapes across the country with a mix of leisure and adventure type of travel.