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Vinay Kare

Lives in Bangalore, India

  • Australia

    Lived in Australia for 8 years. Loved my time there, enjoyed everything the spectacular country has to offer from food, culture and the diverse nature across the length and breadth of the country. I've visited every part of Australia that comes up on any itinerary on the internet with the exception of Kakadu national park (Next on my list) From Uluru, Cairns, Tasmania, Gold coast to Sydney and Melbourne I can help plan every minute detail of your Aussie holiday.
  • New Zealand

    Visited this piece of heaven on earth twice and I'm desperate to go back again! By far the closest I've come to pristine nature! I've travelled across both north and south island and have experienced everything from the stunning milford sound, mesmerising glow worm caves to the natural hot pools in the north island. I've jumped off a plane, jumped off a bridge, gone rafting inside caves, hiked glaciers and you should too! Let me help you plan your trip and save you some serious $ on activities!
Australia from seattle dec 11th- 27th


We are a family of 4 ( 2 kids 4 & 11) we are looking to fly from seattle into melbourne and fly out of sydney back to seattle . we are hoping to cover 1. melb, 2 cairs *(GBR) ,3 SYdney and anything else interesting in betn .. 11th-27th is including our travel dates . we love nature + history ( if any:)) hoping you can help give us some ideas and help plan out thanks!