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Arpan Mandal

Lives in Mumbai, India

  • India

    I love India. Seriously. The kind of diversity that India has to offer is just amazing. I consider myself very lucky to have travelled through the length and breadth of my beautiful country.
  • Thailand

    I have been to Thailand 6 times in the last three years and I am not done yet. I love everything about Thailand. From sleazy go go bars to serene beaches. I can't seem to have enough of this country.
  • Malaysia

    From the swanky KL to cultural Penang to the heavenly beaches of Langkawi, Malaysia has something in it for everyone. You just need to know where to look...
  • Cambodia

    I was so scared to visit Cambodia. I thought I will get robbed or mugged, but the people of Cambodia really touched my heart. They are the most loving, kind and beautiful people I have met. There is so much more to Cambodia than just Angkor Wat
  • Vietnam

    I love Vietnam. Be it Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or Ha Long Bay... I just cannot help but fall deeper and deeper in love with this country. Been here twice, can't wait to visit again!
  • South Korea

    South Korea was fun. Thinking about the nightlife and palaces of Seoul, beaches and sea food of Busan and the beautiful landscapes of Jeju still give me the chills!
  • Sri Lanka

    Backpacked in Sri Lanka for two weeks in mid 2014 and visited Galle, Colombo, Unawatuna, Ella, Kandy.
  • Egypt

    Egypt is one of my favourite countries. Backpacked through the country in early 2014 and visited places like Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan, Luxor, Abu Simbel.
  • Myanmar (Burma)

    Backpacked around the country in October 2014 and visited Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan. Couldnt meet Aung San Suu Kyi :(
  • China

    I have backpacked through China in 2015. Visited cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an, and Xi'tang.
  • Hong Kong

    Hong Kong was my first international destination and it is directly responsible in making me fall in love with traveling abroad. Shopping, modern architecture, food, nightlife..Hong Kong has it all!
  • Macau

    I do not know how to describe this awesome destination, Macau. Just one tip: learn how to gamble before you land up here!
  • Bali

    While in Bali, I stayed with a local while in Ubud and partied hard when I was in Kuta. I made lots of friends during my stay here. I still dream about the lush green rice fields of Bali every now and then
Excellent vacation, thanks Arpan! - By Bryan C - See this trip
We loved all of Arpan's suggestions and my whole group was thrilled with the trip. Thanks lots, Arpan for a unforgettable vacation.

Itinerary: 5 days in Bali with the Guys

We're four guys, all in our 30s, having a sort of high school reunion in Bali. Two of us are fairly fit and would like to take some surfing lessons. One of us is a vegetarian. We'd prefer staying in a cheap place close to the beaches with the best nightlife. An apartment would also work just fine. Would love your help on things to do and planning our time there. We'll be going in late January 2014 for 5 days.

korea 2 days

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Thailand Solo Travel

  • - where you're going

    • Thailand

  • - approximate dates

    • october last week or november 3rd week

  • - with whom

    • solo

  • - what are your interests (or those of your co-travelers)

    • Adventure,Culture,meeting new travellers,Wildlife

  • - budget (especially the range you would pay for accommodation)

    • 40k excluding flight tickets

  • - dietary restrictions (is anyone in your group vegetarian?)

    • Non-vegeterian

  • Places/activities i am intersted in visiting as of now

    • safari world,tiger temple,ayuttha,couple of islands,snorkelling

    • You can suggest other places as well.

  • Some doubts i am having?

    • Is october last week better for scuba diving/snorkelling or should i wait for november 3rd week?

    • How much does it cost for three days stay in islands?

    • Can you suggest some cheap/moderate places to stay in bangkok/islands?