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Amitava Dasgupta

Lives in Kolkata

  • West Bengal

    Branded India's sweetest state infact it is. Come, see and explore snowcapped Himalayas, pristine beaches, Mangrove forests, finest of art, cinema,culture, centuries old traditions and off course mouth watering cuisine and sweetest of sweets.
  • Orissa

    A traveler's delight, Orissa can enchant you with its lagoons, golden beaches, mangrove forests, ancient temple architecture, pilgrimages, rolling hills, various national parks, tribal pockets, fabulous art/culture/traditions and plethora of flora and fauna.
  • New Delhi

    The Capital of India can offer you rich legacy of the past, grand monuments, awesome food, glitzy malls, world class public transport and 100% satisfaction.
  • Sikkim

    One of India's most beautiful, peaceful and cleanest states. Sikkim offers a charming experience on every visit.