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Nidhi Kothari

Lives in Chicago, IL

  • United States of America (USA)

    I came to United states for my masters and now I am working. Along with my work I travel a lot and I have traveled solo as well. I have not covered much places as of now however I have done many trip plannings for friends and for me. Some of those places are Florida, New York, California, Washington DC, Ohio, Massachusetts, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Texas, Vegas, Nashville, Memphis, Smoky Mountains and New Orleans. Planning a US trip is my forte!
  • Puerto Rico

    One must go here to experience many new things. Biobay tour was breathtaking, I felt like I was in another world. Rainforest tour, beach, flying from one island to another...JUST WOW! I must say if this trip is planned well it is very economical and extremely fun.
  • India

  • Bhutan

    I have not seen much of Bhutan, but have been to some towns which are right across the border, some factories and religious places of their culture.
  • Turkey

    Reel world shows that real world to common people like us which will lure you to get crazy. This is what happened with me too. I watched a Bollywood movie which I loved for everything and especially when I got to know that it was shot in Istanbul I just wanted to go there. So I planned my trip while traveling from USA to Mumbai and took a layover of 4 days and 3 nights ALL ALONE. Of course all I can say is, the experience was lifetime!