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Raveena B

Lives in Chennai

  • Dubai

    Went to Dubai on a trip for 7 days. It were the best 7 days of my life! In spite of the hot climate, this place attracts a lot of tourists all year round. Amazing place to be. Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, it's a luxury to be here. A must-visit place!
  • Himachal Pradesh

    Well, I haven't been to all of Himachal Pradesh, just Manali and Shimla. I'm a little more partial to Manali, because it is the just the place to be. It has the most pleasant climate I have ever experienced anywhere. It would be the best place for adventure sports as well as a romantic getaway. You can get amazing Himachali food here and not to forget, the shopping at Mall Road, can be a great experience. You can get stuff from Nepal, all sorts of souvenirs for you to carry back.
  • Mumbai

    Stayed here all my life, almost 11 years! Mumbai is infectious, once you have stayed here, worked here, you can't live anywhere else. It has the most exciting night-life, after Goa of course! Totally safe for women. I have myself stayed out till the wee hours of the morning, by the serene seaside, the necklace of Mumbai, Marine Drive! Bandra Fort, street shopping, Gateway of India, you will always have some place to visit!
  • Goa

    If I could describe Goa in one line, I would say, living in Goa is a 365 day vacation! I've had friend who have an alternate home in Goa, I've had friends who have studied for 4 years in Goa.I visit this place every Christmas- New Year, it is the most happening place to be! If there would be any place that I would settle down later in my life, it would be Goa. This place is just amazing, amazing food, amazing people, amazing night-life. Everyone should visit at least once in his/her lifetime.
  • Chennai

    Been living here since the past one year. Culturally rich, has a lot of temples and lot of place for shopping. Nearby tourist spots include Tirupati, Mahaballipuram, Pondicherry, all culturall & historically rich places. Chennai is not one to have a night-life. Good for family trips.
  • Shimla

    It is just one tiny but the coziest town! Spent 3-4 days here on a family trip, the weather is just so pleasant. Roaming around by foot is the way to go here. Shopping lanes, great north- Indian food, Shimla is a place for a romantic getaway.