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Goa in Monsoon Season

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Goa in Monsoon Season

Goa in Monsoon (Source Google)

You'll hear from people and travel guides/websites that the best time to visit Goa is from October to February. Well, what if I told you that Goa is worth visiting during the monsoon season.

Between June- August the landscapes of Goa change dramatically from a sun stroked warm location to colors filled with green field, dark clouds, flowing rivers, excited sea and the least crowd you can think of.

Monsoon in Goa is the perfect time to visit if you are looking to see a different side of Goa that you wont see during the peak season. Although there will be less options available at this time compared to the peak season but that won’t be an issue when you are here. The green color covers the entire landscape with a cool breeze flowing by and clouds dancing in the skies. Go for a bike ride on the empty streets towards the villages and experience the lush greenery on the both sides of the road. You don’t even need to decide a destination, just prepare yourself to get drenched all day on your way.

You can go on off-beaten paths of Goa towards Collem and Katigo Wildlife Sanctuary that will offer you the best of the Western Ghats in Monsoon season and if you are ready to walk for a bit (14 kms) then a visit to Legendary Dudhsagar falls is a must (that I am yet to go).

Even River Mandovi is in full flow during this season and in a totally different mood. If you are adventurous enough then go for a boat ride and have a different experience to share when your ride stretches across the flowing river while passing through countryside homes and cottages and lush green hills and trees all around.

Goa is not all about beaches, the monsoon experience here will leave you with a feeling that cannot be described in words. So if you are still wondering if you should visit Goa in Monsoon or not then all you need to is pack your bags and set yourself for this wonderful journey of a lifetime.

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