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3 reasons you should visit Agumbe this Monsoon

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3 reasons you should visit Agumbe this Monsoon

Sunset in the Western Ghats as seen in Agumbe

The ones who grew up in the '90s will remember Agumbe as the village where Malgudi days was shot. This small town is situated on the edge of Western Ghats and holds pride in the fact that it was in the second position to receive highest rainfall in India.

Here are some reasons you should backpack into the rainforests of Agumbe this monsoon.

Misty Agumbe

1. Get to know the village life – Agumbe is a traditional village in Karnataka that during and after monsoons is covered in mist all the time with rain falling continuously. The house where Malgudi days was shot is now a stay home named Dodda Mane run by an elderly lady who doesn’t charge anything from the visitors (people pay her whatever they want to). After July and till February Agumbe is the best time to visit this mist covered village and explore the beauty of Agumbe ghats.

One of the many waterfalls around Agumbe

2. Rainforest trekking – There is no place like Agumbe rainforests to explore in this season. There are trekking points like Mission Betta, Barkana Falls and Koodlu Teertha Falls where you can reach by hiking in the forest, although you may need to take permission from the local police for some places that is hard to get when it is raining in full force. These forests are home of beautiful birds, insects, bloodsucking leeches that will get stuck on your body while walking and the dangerous yet magnificent king Cobra.

Agumbe Rainforest Research Station

3. Volunteer at the Rainforest Research Station – Volunteering at Agumbe rainforest research station is one of the best ways to stay for some time in this rainforest. This is a research station that is located in between of the Agumbe reserve forest. Here you can join the team of researchers to study the amphibians, local reptiles and the insects found in these jungles. Also if you are a book lover the library at ARRS is the best place to be. People interested in volunteering can contact them at

So pack your bags this monsoon and hide yourself in the dense forests of Agumbe. This village will leave you with an experience of lifetime.

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I'm Archita, I want to go alone to agumbe. Do u reckon its safe? By Archita Sridhar - Jan 2 2017