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Thailand for the Flying Lantern Festival

I work as a consultant travel planner with Travel Gees and planned perfect trips for numerous groups. I feel group tours and pre-made packages are the worst things that can happen to a holiday! I believe travel shouldn't be of tourist traps but more of intelligent choices of off-beat and value for money locations with a local flair. I am an expert in bringing down the cost of a trip.

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Thailand for the Flying Lantern Festival

I usually love to plan my trips around some nice exotic festivals of a country. In Thailand,there is nothing better than the Flying Lantern festival. If you watched the movie Tangled,you would know what flying lanterns are and this festival is exactly same with a thousands of lanterns looming over you! Isn't it surreal?? What's more,the festival coincides withe Floating Lantern festival too and you see the rivers of Thailand filled with bright tiny boats with flower decorations and lamps. Is there any other better time to visit Thailand?! I don't think so.

The festival itself takes place in Northern Thailand,which is an offbeat location compared to the touristy parts of Thailand. That is where you can witness the real Thai culture intermixing with the Lanna culture. The place is mountainous with lush green views and a train journey from Bangkok to Chinagmai is an experience by itself! it also gives you more scope to interact with the locals.Don't worry,there are first class air-conditioned coaches too!

The festival fortunateley falls after the rainy season of Thailand and gives to plenty of scope to visit the Southern beaches to. The Thai beaches are one of their kind! Seriously,the white sand,crytal clear beaches are special due to the limestone peaks which crop up from the middle of the sea and the schools of dolphins which can be spotted at sometimes of the day. But this beauty attracts huge crowds and if you want to have a peaceful beach holiday,you should choose the secluded,hidden islands which are yet to fall prey to tourist attention.

There is no place better than thailand which offers all the elements of a perfect holiday- culture,great beaches,cheap shopping oppurtunities,delicious food,beautiful views and nighlife!

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