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Singapore for the Chinese New Year

I work as a consultant travel planner with Travel Gees and planned perfect trips for numerous groups. I feel group tours and pre-made packages are the worst things that can happen to a holiday! I believe travel shouldn't be of tourist traps but more of intelligent choices of off-beat and value for money locations with a local flair. I am an expert in bringing down the cost of a trip.

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Singapore for the Chinese New Year

Lion dance,dragon dances,moon cakes,chinese lanterns,mandarins - Chinese New Year!! It is one of the most magnificently celebrated festival world-wide. But did you know that it is celebrated with more pomp and show in Singapore than any other place in the world? Yes,not even China!

If you are planning to go to Singapore,there is no other time better the the Lunar New year. The whole island is decorated with traditional Chinese Lantern, mini mandarin trees and light-ups. And what's better, there are totally free street entertainment shows like lion and dragon dances and various chinese acrobatics! The weather is cool and pleasant with little or no rain and the whole island is in holiday mood. There are various CNY only delicacies like moon cakes,rice cakes and dried and sugared lotus seeds,stem which are traditional CNY sweets.

To enjoy the CNY spirit to the fullest,know the schedule of various street shows and the fireworks display which is one of the best in the world.Also,if you also happen to stay for the Chingay Parade,its even better! Choose hotels which are most accessible to the areas where the celebrations are full-fledged as they run late into night and experience Singapore like never before!

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