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Varanasi - the Epicentre of the Universe


Kartik Lanka

I am an avid traveler, who prefers to have the control and direction of my journey in my own hands. Hence, for this reason, my primary method of transport is by road. I love to take my bullet out and ride out into the country and capture their lives. The country roads can be categorized average at best, are fun to travel on, and experience the true colors of India.

Travelling makes me hungry and the food is the soul of this country. If you want to feel special and loved, feed yourself at various eateries and experience the warmth. At various spots in towns and on the highway, you would find some amazing joints.

In a country that is trying its best to outrun every other country, time is money. But how much can you run? Take a breather and travel with me on road and experience the mystics of India. 

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Varanasi - the Epicentre of the Universe

Varanasi, the greatest indian city. Things to do and things to be aware of.

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