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Budget Honeymoons from India


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Budget Honeymoons from India

Lots of couples from India have asked me: "We're getting married and need help picking a honeymoon destination. Our budget is Rs. 1 lakh per person." (Believe me, everyone has the exact same budget. I don't know how.)

So I thought we'd put together 5 romantic destinations that can be done within the Rs. 2 lakh (per couple) budget for a 7 night stay.



I know what you're thinking, "Paris!? Budget? You gotta be kidding." But think about it … you can find a pretty good hotel (no, not the Ritz, but a nice place to stay) in downtown for about Rs. 7000 a night, spend about Rs. 4000 a day on food, and get round-trip tickets for about Rs. 35000 per person, taking the total to 1.47 lakhs. And you're still left with Rs. 53000 to play around with. And you just had a honeymoon in Paris!!



Ho Chi Minh's colonial elegance, bustling energy and excellent nightlife; Hanoi's crumbling temples and quaint craft shops; the verdant countryside, Halong Bay's ethereal landscape; the shimmering coastline -- Vietnam offers a perfect mix of experiences for couples, and it remains one of the most affordable destinations in the world. Accommodation, even in the best hotels, is really cheap.

Thailand's Islands and Beaches


Kayak through limestone caves, dive in the Andaman Sea, and trek through lush jungles—then relax with a Rs. 400 beachfront massage. Hotels that range from fancy mansions to desert-island eco-lodges to quirky art hotels, all at pretty good prices.


Image: Széchenyi Thermal Baths; Source:

Rich cream cakes in a chandelier-lit Gerbeaud coffee house; a sumptuous steam in a Gellért thermal bath. But beyond all the history and elegance, this is one party-loving city. Live to party is the ethos of young Budapesters. It also has some of the finest dining along the river or on one of the hip floating restaurants. All this and it is about half as expensive as Paris or London (not considering the airfare to get there). Hotels are cheap too.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands


Though it can be as expensive to get here as getting to some Southeast Asian destinations, a 7-day trip can be done comfortably within the 2 lakh budget. These islands are simply tropical bliss. Every shade of blue imaginable, primeval jungles, villages as old as India itself, snow-white beaches, dolphins cavorting in front of your boat.

(PS: Don't fall for the mouthwateringly priced package tours that make you spend most of your time in Port Blair … go independently and spend the bulk of your time on Havelock Island and Neil Island. Havelock Island has some of the best hotels.)

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