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Travel Ninjas FAQ

General stuff:

What is PlanMy.Travel?

PlanMy.Travel is a service that lets travellers pay you for helping them plan their trips.

When you sign up, we create a profile page for you, that showcases your expertise.

When travellers buy your travel consultancy we also create a trip page that make it easy for you to give them structured and organized advice. These trips then become part of your profile and continue to act as an advertisement for your service.

See a sample trip page:

How does it work?

Traveller's discover your service on our site and view your profile and past work. When they're convinced, they pay for your service and we create a trip page for them, and notify you. Once you accept the assignment, you communicate directly with the traveller through their trip page.

What's expected

The first and foremost expectation is that you will do this professionally. Users are paying you for your service and they expect a prompt and responsive Travel Ninja. If your work schedule, lifestyle or other commitments won't allow this, then you shouldn't be a Travel Ninja.

What do I need to help with?

You primarily help with your destination expertise and travel research. The main objective is to help users plan a doable itinerary.

Do I need to help with boring stuff like flights, visa information, cost estimates, etc.?

Not necessarily. But users often expect assistance with that stuff. It is up to you whether or not you want to offer this service, but it would be a good idea to mention it in your profile if you do not want to (e.g. "Note that I can only help with planning your itinerary and things to do, and not with logistical issues like finding cheap flights, or hotel deals, etc.")

Do I need to do bookings?

No. But you can help users with suggesting the best places to book things themselves.

If you are a travel professional and can also do bookings or other arrangements, mention that in your profile. We do require that you disclose any professional affiliations or conflicts of interest clearly.

What if I'm unavailable when a user buys my service?

You can disable your listing whenever you anticipate being unavailable. In the rare event that you didn't disable your listing but happen to be unavailable when a user buys your service, you can decline the assignment and the user will be refunded their payment.

How much of my time does planning a trip take?

Initially, expect to spend about 1 hour of effort per day of trip duration e.g. for a trip that lasts 5 days expect to spend around 5 hours of your time helping the user. This will reduce significantly as you get better at it and can rely on past work to copy-paste-customize for new trips.

How soon do I have to respond to questions/comments/feedback from users?

When you're planning a trip for someone, you are required to respond to all contacts within 24 hours (it can be a simple "Please give me until the weekend to get back to you on that"). But there needs to be a response within 24 hours.

For how long can users continue to seek help for a particular trip?

4 weeks.


How much can I charge?

You are free to charge whatever you like.

But if you're not sure what to charge then you can choose our automatic pricing model which is based on the reviews you earn.

How much of that does PlanMy.Travel keep?

We charge a flat 20% of your price and forward the rest to you. If you're based outside India (which is where we are), there will be some loss in Paypal fee as well as currency conversion that we have no control over. In such cases, expect to get anywhere around 65-75% of the price you charge in USD.

When do I get paid?

We retain the user's payment for 3 weeks after they pay, in order to cover for our money back guarantee (in case they don't like what they get). After this holding period your payment will be disbursed on the following Friday.

How much money can I expect to make?

In the long term, our goal is that the best Travel Ninjas should be able to make this a full time career. But don't expect miracles in the short term.

If you deliver great work, you'll get great feedback, more opportunities, and earn more money. The most successful Travel Ninjas are:

  • Responsive to client needs

  • Excellent at communicating with their clients

  • Honest about their abilities and a keep clients informed about progress

  • Able to deliver excellent work on time, every time

Once you get a few happy clients, more will come. And the next thing you know, you'll be a full-time Travel Ninja working on something you love!

In general, the more time and effort you invest into the platform (market yourself, write blog posts/itineraries, plan more trips, remind users to leave reviews, etc.) the more you can expect to earn from it.

Umm, what else ...

Why are the trips I planned publicly visible? Why would anyone pay me if they can see all my work for free?

Keeping trips publicly visible acts as a great way to attract more traffic and to let users see what they're getting beforehand. However, we do realize that there is such a thing as too much information available for free.
In the long run, we aim to have 15-20% of trips visible publicly to strike the right balance. This can be naturally achieved as many users themselves opt to make their trips private.

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